Remove Cached Copy Of A Page From Googles Search Results by aihaozhe2


									If you want to remove that page from search results then you should first remove it
from the web or blocked from search engines. Most of the people thinks that Google
runs the web and control all the sites which given as search result. But its completely
wrong; all those sites are controlled by different webmasters.

If you are owner of that site then it is too simple to remove the content either the page
or whole site. You can remove the page by simply take down it from the entire web or
indicate the search engine that dont crawl or index the page. There are various
methods through which you can remove a web page from search results.

When you make changes on that page and crawler crawls it then it naturally drop
from index. Now if you cannot wait till search engine crawl that page and want to
remove it immediately from Googles cached copy then you can use Googles removal
tool to expedite the process. If you want to use this tool then you will need to follow
certain requirements, which is given below.

1.       If you are the owner of that site then you will need to make changes in the
page and now you have to request removal of the problematic page from Googles
search result using the URL removal tool which you will get in webmasters tools.

2.        Now if you not own that website then first step is that contact the sites
webmaster and request to remove the content. Once the changes have been made then
you can request removal of the content from appearing in cached copy by using public
URL removal tool but dont forget to remove content from the site.
If you are not able to edit or remove the content from original place then removal
request will not work. Remember that this is the process only to remove the cached
copy of a page or whole site. You cannot remove a page from the search results till it
exists on the original place.

This tool is designed only for removing URLs urgently for any reason like it
accidentally expose confidential data. If you recently made any changes in your site
then crawler will update the page information in their database when it will be crawl
your site and see any outdated page. In this condition there is no need to make request
for urgent removal.

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