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									The Red Wings are a team of professional ice hockey players based in Detroit,
Michigan. They are one of the six teams of the National Hockey League (NHL) and
are a very important team in the Western Conferences Central Division. The team has
created so much excitement in the field of hockey that today Detroit is nicknamed as
the Hockey town. You can enjoy the game by purchasing the Red Wings Tickets
online. The team has also won the most number of Stanley Cup championships as an
NHL franchise in the United States. They stand at the third place after Montreal
Canadiens and Toronto Maple Leafs. After more than 40 years of playing in Olympia
Stadium, they now play their home games in Joe Louis Arena, a stadium which can
accommodate over 20,000 spectators.

The Sport

Ice Hockey as the name indicates is a sport played on ice. It is a physical and fast
paced sport. Body protective equipment has to be worn to play the game. This
consists of a helmet, shoulder pads, gloves, mouth guard, elbow pads, jock athletic
protector, shin pads, heavy padded shorts, chest protector and a neck guard.

Earlier this sport was popular in cold regions but today with artificial ice rinks, it is
even played in small cities. It is one of the top four sports played in North America
and is also the official national winter sport of Canada and a popular sport in Finland.
This craze for the sport has increased the sale of Red Wings Tickets tremendously.

The Team

The Red Wings have changed their Jerseys, known as sweaters in hockey to the new
Rbk Edge. Their new jerseys with more red color on the sleeves draw people to their
games which thereby increase the Red Wings Tickets sales.

The Tradition

As per tradition, during the Detroit Red Wings home playoff games an octopus is
thrown onto the ice for good luck. This has become such an important custom that the
Joe Luis Arena is usually flooded during playoffs with giant octopuses named Al after
the ice manager Al Sobotka. The octopus is usually thrown when the Red Wings have
scored a goal or after the national anthem is sung. Many say that to see a real octopus
on the ice is worth the Red Wings Tickets alone. On 19th April 2008, NHL Director of
Hockey operations Colin Campbell sent a memo to the Red Wings to forbid Zamboni
drivers from cleaning the ice. The linesmen have been asked to do this job.

Latest On The Team

Stanley Cup Champions 2008
President Bush will honor the Champions during a ceremony on the 14th of October
NHL Commisioner Gary Bettman, Red Wings owners Mike and Marian Llitch, coach
Mike Babcock plan to attend the White House ceremony
Second visit to the White House for the Red Wings under Bush administration

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