Recycled Sculptures By Brian Mock

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					Every day, people throw away hundreds of items they have no more use for. These
items range from paint to watches to toys and computers. Most of these items end up
languishing in landfills, where they take years to decompose; some items never do,
and just sit there, polluting the land. That is where artists like Brian Mock come in.

Brian Mock makes recycled sculptures. These are pieces of art that he makes out of
things that he finds. The more unusual the item, the better because unusual objects
help him to make interesting and eye catching pieces. Brian Mock s favorite places
to find the pieces he uses in his recycled sculptures are secondhand stores, industrial
recycle bins, and scrap yards. He can take anything and turn it into a piece of art.
While most of his recycled sculptures use metal objects he has found, some of his
pieces also use wood, paints, glass, or plastics. Some even have photography as part
of their makeup!

Recycled sculptures are unique not only because they are made from recycled parts,
but also in that no two are ever alike. Brian Mock adores making sculptures that force
his audience to question what they are seeing. For example, his humanoid sculptures
are very obviously human, but the way they are made and the objects used to create
them such as wing nuts or springs force a viewer to see with new eyes. Is it truly
a person or is it a robot or just a pile of bolts? Several pieces are made of a single,
unexpected object, such as keys or bolts. Every piece tells its story in a way that
speaks to the viewer, while bringing beauty into materials that most people would
never look at twice.

While some of the recycled sculptures are merely for decoration, many of them are
actually functional pieces that give a truly unique look to homes and anywhere else,
they are employed. Some of the sculptures are able to be used as tables, while others
are perfect garden gates or even chairs. These functional pieces are proof that
anything that is thrown away can actually be used to make something beautiful, and in
the hands of artists like Brian Mock, does turn into something beautiful. Some of his
sculptures are freestanding, and these pieces could be used anywhere a great piece of
art is wanted. Others mount on the wall, and are excellent conversation pieces for
those who enjoy a modern and amazing artwork.

Like many artists, Brian Mock does commissions and he has been commissioned by
everyone from senators to big businesses. Even TV shows have commissioned him to
do projects for them. His work is so well known and captivating that he soon will
have pieces displayed in museums in both Hollywood and San Francisco. Currently,
he lives in Beaverton, Oregon, and he gets much of his inspiration from the Northwest.
Recycled sculptures may not suit everyone s tastes, but there is no denying that these
pieces are incredible displays of creativity and skill in the way they are designed.

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