Reality Tv Shows For Dummies by aihaozhe2


									You have most likely found that your favorite Television channels are showing a
growing number of documentary-style programs. Termed "reality shows," these
programs document true events happening to real men and women who find
themselves in a range of scenarios. There is now a reality show about virtually
anything, from amateur fashion designers contending for the prospect to launch their
own line to single celebrities trying to find love.

MTV's "The Real World" is one of the earliest reality series to be shown on Television.
The series follows the lives of seven strangers when "people stop being polite and
start being real," as the show's tagline suggests. And that's under no circumstances an
exaggeration; every season, the number of drunken brawls involving meatheads or
promiscuous Jacuzzi conduct increases. Boasting almost twenty seasons, the
program's popularity appears only to increase.

How real is reality Television? Even though the participants are real, the authenticity
of events portrayed in reality programs is greatly debated. There is significant
speculation that many reality shows are at least partially scripted, with producers and
"story editors" prompting cast members to debate volatile subjects or to show up at
the very same social gathering as their arch nemesis.

Irrespective of how real it in fact is, what do we find so appealing about reality
Television? Movies and sitcoms frequently include considerably nuttier plots and
striking special effects. Nonetheless an ever-increasing number of people are choosing
to tune in each week to "Joe Millionaire, a series in which an average Joe searches for
"the one" in a group of women who believe he is a billionaire mogul. Perhaps
witnessing the daily drama and trials faced by reality show characters are much easier
for us to relate to than, say, snakes on a plane.

Quite a few reality shows have swiftly developed a cult following. Many reality
shows are released on DVD, enabling fans to enjoy their favorite episodes whenever
they want. In effect, reality show DVDs are a piece of history. They document our
culture at its current phase, building a record of what was important to us at that
moment, be it simply documenting the airing of dirty laundry on TV or illustrating
how our peers respond under extraordinary conditions.

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