Reality Shows On Star Tv- An Emphatic Approach

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					To be able to illuminate the lives of people with one's knowledge and power is
perhaps the biggest deed possible on earth and nobody understands this better than
Kiran Bedi - the first woman IPS officer of India. Today, you can see her in STAR
TV's "Aap Ki Kacheri" solving the personal problems of many people with her vast
acumen in law and legal procedures. This is for the first time someone is trying to
make a positive difference with a reality show on Indian television. Both Season one
and Season two of "Aap Ki Kacheri: Kiran Ke Saath" have found a special place in
the hearts of Indian masses.

The Magsaysay award winner, Kiran Bedi takes every effort to resolve each and every
case with amicable mediation and arbitration. The reality show is the mouth piece of
the millions of unheard voices who have been denied justice. It is surely a unique
concept and comes as a breath of fresh air when the judiciary system in India is
struggling to cope with its backlog of pending cases.

Well, STAR TV is not only fulfilling its social responsibility but also giving you a
chance to win yourself a beautiful home! "The Godrej Khelo Jeeto Jiyo" is one of a
kind reality show on STAR TV where you can pair with a friend to play some exciting
games. The winner gets a chance to win "Godrej Brighter Home".

STAR TV is the major producer of TV serials and reality shows on television in India.
You can watch all your favourite STAR TV shows online on

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