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					The use of words, rhymes and poetry are what conform rap beats as we know them
today. These are all very important parts of our rap industry and this is what makes
people want to listen to this type of music every single time that they can. It was in
the twenty century when mostly black race people began experimenting with rap beats,
until they formed the music industry that we can enjoy listening to today. Even though
this type of lyrics can be interpreted without music, these type of lyrics are much
better to listen to, when they have some rap beats in the background.

Rap beats are usually a four by four tune, yet its rhythmic essence is usually played in
three's much more like a jazz tune. Rap beats became really popular, because they
usually tell the story of a certain person and what they have lived trough. Many
people can identify whit what these MC's are talking about in their lyrics and this is
why rap beats have become one of the most listen to types of music. The rap genre is
rapidly growing and it looks like it will keep growing even more. People are
constantly visiting their favorite stores to look for the newest rap beats they can find.
Every month that goes by is a possibility of listening to a newer song and one which
will make us remember of an episode of our lives. Once you have listened to some of
these type of music, it is very hard to stop listening to it, because it simply gets you
hooked on how it sounds.

Rap beats have become a culture and a way of living for many people. The United
States is probably the country with the largest population of rap music fans, yet many
new groups and lyrics are being made throughout the world. Many artists from other
countries, have made their very own rap beats and combined them with their country's
culture, which have made them so irresistible to listen to. Rap beats are rapidly
gaining a place in the top music lists, you will find a popular rap artist or song in
almost every music list that you look at. The rap phenomenon only keeps getting
bigger and because more people are now enjoying this type of music they also
recommend it to others, who sooner or later become fans of them as well.

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