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					During the previous season of the reality television series Pussycat Dolls Present: The
Search for the Next Doll, Brittany Diiorio was the first contestant to be eliminated
from the competition. But instead of being disappointed or giving up after the
disqualification, the young woman picked herself up and continued moving forward,
doing her best to advance her career as an aspiring pop singer. She mentioned during
an interview with Buddy TV and on her own MySpace page, that her appearance on
the show was edited in a way that didnt truly reflect her abilities or her personality, a
charge often hefted against numerous reality shows.

She spoke out against the show on her MySpace page, claiming that her voice was not
shown and that she was made to look as if she couldnt sing at all. This was contrary to
what she said they told her on the set, which was that she could sing well, and was
capable of both singing and dancing at the same time without losing her breath. But
on the brighter side of things, shes trying to put the experience behind her and
focusing on her musical career. And one of the most notable transformations shes
done is to change her name as a professional performer.

Using her middle name Danielle, she now goes by Danielle Diiorio, or as her manager
prefers to call her, Dani D. This was in order to both distinguish herself from major
pop personality Britney Spears and to move further away from her image on The
Pussycat Dolls Present. She has also stated that shes feeling confident and positive
about her upcoming work, as shes collaborating with a fresh staff of writers and
producers. With a new song posted on her page, she gushed enthusiastically with
capital letters about being in FULL TRAINING and working hard on her songs to

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