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Pussycat Dolls Present- Girlicious Ladies Are Everywhere_

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					The competition in the search for the Girlicious ladies was so tough and tight that,
when it came down to the wire, Pussycat Dolls creator, Robin Antin, just had to turn
the group from a trio to a quartet. Antin just couldnt bear to send any one of the
remaining contenders Tiffanie Anderson, Nichole Cordova, Natalie Mejia and
Chrystina Sayers home.

The four Girlicious ladies had been quietly hard at work, under cover of stealth and
discretion while Pussycat Dolls Present: Girlicious was still on the air. Despite the
need for secrecy to avoid spoiling the close of the reality contest, the quartet dove
right into the recording process for the eponymous debut album.

Since the show ended, weve been in the studio, weve been at the gym, learning dances,
everyday non-stop, Nichole said during an interview with the Daily Motion. Its like
were always busy, always doing something.

One of her new girl group mates has likewise given their own take on the rollercoaster
ride theyve all had since joining Pussycat Dolls Present: Girlicious.

Theres so many things about the journey, Natalie remarked. Just being on the show,
like so many emotions, so many sides of who you are as a person comes out when
youre taken out of your element, your environment of everyday life and like put into
this house with all these people youve never met.

I think it was hard to overcome moving out for the first time, Nichole quipped anew.
Its a little bit hard just to be like, Bye, Mom and move away from my family but I
really do feel like it was my destiny so Im just having a blast and trying to make sure
that in all the chaos, in all the busyness, I enjoy and I realize what Im doing. This is
just something Ive wanted for so long, she admitted.

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