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Pushing Daisies Season Two On Dvd


									Pushing Daisies Season Two on DVD will be released in just a few days for fans on
July 21, 2009. Even though there will only be these two first seasons and the network
has canceled the award winning show, sales of the new DVD and Blu ray season sets
are expected to be high. The forensic drama/comedy/romance has battled many
different battles in its short run, but ultimately has come out on top and although fans
are sad to see the show go, are very happy that they have access to every show on

Ned is a young pie maker who discovers a special ability to briefly bring people back
to life that have passed on. He only needs to touch the body, and for 60 seconds he has
the choice to touch them again to put them back to sleep or he can not touch them,
they will remain alive, but someone else close by will die in their place. Ned teams up
with an investigator and uses his abilities to solve murders by asking the person who
it was that murdered them. He discovers he can use his ability for profit until he
brings back to life a friend of his who was murdered. His childhood sweetheart,
Charlotte (Chuck), comes back to life and he cannot bring himself to put her back to
sleep so he does not touch her within that first 60 seconds. The two have a romantic
relationship of sorts with one main flaw Ned can never touch her or she will in fact
die again, this time for good.

Charlotte becomes the third partner in Ned and the investigators team of murder
solving sleuths and she encourages them to use Neds talents not just for profit, but
also for good. The episodes that are included in Pushing Daisies Season Two on DVD
include Bzzzzzzz!, Circus Circus, Bad Habits, Frescorts, Dim Sum Lose Some, Oh oh
oh Its Magic, Robin Hood, Comfort Food, Lighthouse, The Norwegians, Window
Dressed to Kill, Water & Power, and Kerplunk.

The main actors in Pushing Daisies Season Two on DVD include Anna Friel, Chi
McBride, Lee Pace, and Kristin Chenoweth, and the format for the box set is AC 3, in
color, Dolby, Dubbed DVD with subtitles in widescreen NTSC format. Languages are
Portuguese and English with subtitles available in French, English, Spanish, Chinese,
Portuguese, and Thai. The format for the DVD is for Region 1 only, which is the
United States and Canada. The Blu ray version also has subtitles in German.

The official running time of the collection is 562 minutes, and fans can enjoy every
last one of those on Tuesday, July 21. There are four discs that are included in the
Pushing Daisies Season 2 on DVD collection that is being released by Warner

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