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					Iraq – You CAN help with some positive things there.
This information was put together by
ACT TOGETHER - Women’s Action for Iraq
PO BOX 34728, London N7 6XE
+44 (0)20 7272 9324

There is a great deal in the media about Iraq. Most of the information we get, however, tells us very little
about how people are actually living and what else is going on besides the endless violence of both the
occupation and the so-called ‘insurgency’. Despite extraordinarily difficult circumstances, there are new
projects, new grassroots initiatives.
We, from Act Together, are invited to speak at meetings about our group and about Iraq, and we are often
asked what else people can do besides lobby their MPs and go on demonstrations.
Iraq has been isolated from the rest of the world by 13 years of the most comprehensive sanctions in
history and, now, by the occupation and chaotic violence. To be able to exchange views and information
with people outside, to co-operate or collaborate on projects with them, to feel a sense of solidarity and
support, is very important for people in Iraq at the moment. We have, therefore, compiled a very partial
initial list of grassroots organisations based in Iraq or working there and individuals. Please contact them if
you are interested in supporting their work.

Women's Will
A recently formed Iraq-based NGO, who are not linked to a particular political party. They run courses for
women on education, health, employment, rights, etc. and publish a monthly journal called Women's Will,
where they discuss the difficulties facing women under occupation and the daily struggle for basic needs,
the situation of women prisoners, the disappeared and missing, constitutional issues facing women, etc.
Contact: Hana Ibrahim, chair and journal editor
Tel: 009641 5153077/ 5154979/ 5419662
The Iraqi Women’s League
The Iraqi Women’s League (UK branch) recently held a day-long workshop in London on women’s issues
concerning the drafting of the new Iraqi constitution. At the moment they are setting up women’s groups in
different parts of Iraq to discuss the constitution and lobby the drafting committee on behalf of women’s
Contact: Souad Al Jazairy
Freedom Voice Society for Human Rights.
This Baghdad based organisation is a member of the Council for Human Rights and deals with general
human rights abuses against Iraqis.
Contact: Abdul Wahab Al Obeid (director)
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Programme
A project started by a group of Iraqi psychiatrists. Based in Baghdad and other parts of the country, the
programme aims to train teachers and parents to deal with post-traumatic stress in children in their care.
Everyday Iraq’s children witness death and extreme violence, they suffer terrible losses and live in a
dangerous world where their parents can do little to protect them. There are only 60 psychiatrists in Iraq
and only now are some specialising in children.
There are a few child psychiatric clinics. But there is much more demand than there is supply.
Contact: Dr. Said Al-Hashimi
Medical Aid for Iraqi Children
This UK based charity run largely by Iraqis was set up in 1995. For 10 years during sanctions and through
to the present, the charity has sent medicines and medical equipment to Iraq. They work closely with
doctors in Iraq and have recently brought some to the UK for additional specialised training, They track
every one of their shipments to ensure arrival at their intended destination and London-based workers for
the charity visit Iraq to find out what is needed.
Dr. Jawad Al Ali is a child oncologist in Basra. He is studying the effects on children’s health of
Depleted Uranium, which was dropped on the southern part of the country in the 1991 and again in 2003.
There has been a marked increase in childhood cancers and severe birth deformities in that area. Dr Al Ali
is also investigating the effects that other kinds of pollution are having on the health of children in the city
and its environs. This pollution is also the result of the recent wars and sanctions.
Iraqi/International Stop Depleted Uranium Now
An anti-DU campaigning group recently formed by Iraqi artist, Rashad Selim. The group is London-based
but with connections inside Iraq and other parts of the world.
Contact: Rashad Selim
INCIA International Network of Contemporary Iraqi Artists
The London-based network puts on exhibitions of Iraqi artists, provides contact information with Iraqi artists
and seeks to facilitate collaboration between Iraqi and non-Iraqi artists.
Contact: Maysaloun Faraj.
Iraqi Writers Union
An important Iraq-based group representing writers - provides a forum for exchange of ideas & information.
Contact : Hanon Majeed. ( Press officer)
Email: or
Independent Film & Television College
This free-of-charge film-training centre in Baghdad was started by 2 London-based Iraqi filmmakers in
2004, to help young Iraqis make their own films. The college offers one, two or three-month intensive
courses in camera, sound, lighting, documentary and short fiction film production. Because of the security
situation and piecemeal funding from charities, trade unions and individuals, progress is slower than might
be wished, but so far, they have been able to run 2 courses and are continuing to work. In autumn 2005,
they should have their first completed student films.
Contacts: Kasim Abid, Maysoon Pachachi
Jubilee Iraq
This UK based group is working to cancel Iraq’s debts and are involved in lobbying the UN, US and Iraqi
governments and political parties. It has extensive links with groups in Iraq and with those working on the
issue of debt all over the world.
Contact: Justin Alexander
Some individuals:
Hana Edwar                            Dr Amar                                Adil Hameed Raheem,
Amal NGO, one of the few NGOs         Head of Cinema Without Borders         Director Cultural Relations &
still doing humanitarian work in      The Academy of Fine Arts,              Public Affairs Dept. University of
Iraq                                  Baghdad                                Basra
Tel: 00964 (0)7901919286              Tel: 00964 (0)7901443062     
                                                                             Tel: Mobile 00964 7891019400
Adel Al Tai                           Thikra Monem
                                                                             Home        00964      40624042
Painter &Photographer, Baghdad        Ballet Teacher, Baghdad
                                                                             University 00964 40412328
Tel: 00964 (0)7901730881              00964 (0)7901664778

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