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Proud Papa Pete Wentz Names His Baby Boy Bronx Mowgli


									Pete Wentz and his wife Ashlee Simpson-Wentz recently celebrated the birth of their
first baby boy. For those wondering about the name of their baby boy, they dont need
to look too hard. Just open The Jungle Book and youll find half of it: Mowgli. The
first half is slightly grittier and totally unrelated to any childhood reference: Bronx.
Put the two together and you have it: Bronx Mowgli Wentz. Quite a mouthful from
one of Americas youngest celebrity couples.

Love it or hate it? It doesnt matter either way. Pete Wentz and his wife Ashlee
Simpson-Wentz are quite proud of their choice. At a recent interview with Ryan
Seacrest, Pete Wentz said, "We came up with Bronx. We've been throwing [ideas]
back and forth for a while," he said. "It's kind of cool to leave the narrative as what it
is. People are stoked, pissed or whatever. And you're like, you know what: I don't
think anyone has the real story." Asked about their decision to use The Jungle Book as
a reference, Pete Wentz said that The Jungle Book was significant to them as a couple.
"The Jungle Book was something that me and Ashlee bonded over. It's a cool name,"
said Pete Wentz to Ryan Seacrest.

If you thought it wasnt for real, youre not alone. Even Ryan Seacrest had to ask
whether the name Bronx Mowgli Wentz was a joke! However, Pete Wentz did
confirm that it was totally legitimate. No, no, no, Bronx Mowgli definitely is his real
name, but I don't think that anybody knows what the real story is of why or how."

Asked about how he felt about Ashley giving birth to their first baby, Pete Wentz
replied, Pretty surreal. Obviously, some stuff my wife would freak if I said, but shes
pretty much a saint. Right before she went into labor, I was like, Oh my God, I think
Im having a heart attack! Youve seen your wife in all this pain, and you really dont
know whats happening. She took care of me and made sure I was OK and then we
went into labor. Thats why shes a saint. He continued gushing praises for his wife and
added, Shes an amazing girl. She was like, I will make sure youre OK. I didnt even
stop to think, Well, you just had an epidural and youre about to have a baby! Natural
things start going on in your body. My heart started beating really fast.

Upon seeing their baby, both Pete Wentz and Ashley-Simpson Wentz said, Hes
beautiful. Hes perfect. We were instantly in love. Its impossible not to be!

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