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									Lightning Swimming & Diving News                                                 November 7, 2010
*New/updated info highlighted in BLUE

     We will host a computer training session 7-8pm for anyone interested in being trained to
     assist with the computer running of home meets. Meet at 7pm on the pool deck. We do not
     have any Boys team parents who are trained for this position – please volunteer. We
     cannot run home meets with parent volunteers. Contact Bill Boyes
     to RSVP for training & with any questions.

     We are accepting donations for the team snack bar. The profits earned from the snack bar
     at home meets do directly back to the athletes in the form of equipment, team gift, etc…
     We need donations of bottled water, individually packaged non-perishable snacks (muffins,
     cookies), Power Bars, & Candy. The team will buy donuts, pretzels, hot dogs & buns each
     week. Thank you to the Buczacki Family (Ava-BLUE, Hanah-WHITE) for for donating 10
     cases of Powerade to our snack bar.
     Please label your donation with your family name & training group. Donations may be left on
     the table next to the team bulletin board any night of the week.

     Your Team Gear orders are IN and will be available for pick-up later this week during
     practice. Please check the team web site for specific dates/times.

     Speedo Velocity Splice/Hydro Velocity
     Female Youth sizes 22-28: $43.24 / Female Adult sizes 30-40: $44.70.
     Male Jammer Youth sizes 22-28: $28.46 / Male Jammer Adult sizes 30-38: $29.19.
     Available at: Personal Best #215-464-6680 3360 Grant Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19114

     7-10pm on November 13 at the Valley Youth Center in Huntingdon Valley (adjacent to the
     HS). $10 per athlete includes pizza, snacks, drinks, dessert. Activities: big screen TV, pool
     table, ping pong, video games & organized games in the gym. An E-Vite was sent out to all
     team members. Parents – use this time to drop off your kids in a safe, chaperoned

     Our Annual Florida Citrus Sale ends this week – All orders are due paid by this Saturday
     11/13. 20lb box of Navel Oranges or Ruby Red Grapefruit for $25/box. Fruit is fresh picked
     the week of delivery. Order form on the team web and in your family files. Pick up location
     HV Fire Co. (across from HS) Friday Nov. 19 5-6:30pm. Questions? Please contact Jan
     Stachel (Nick –RED).

     Our primary form of communication is through email & the team web site. Additionally each
     team member has a family file folder. Please instruct your athletes to check their folders daily
     on their way out of practice – take the contents of the folder only, do not take the folder.
     Folders are only for outgoing communication. DO NOT put incoming correspondence in your
     family folder. We do not check the family folders. All incoming correspondence should be
     placed in the white team mailbox next to the bulletin board.

     Our awesome team caps have arrived and are available for purchase $5 for 2 caps. Checks
     payable to LMSD. Caps will be for sale on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday this week during
     practice. If a Lightning swimmer is wearing a cap in competition it must be a Lightning team
cap. No other caps are allowed at team meets. Uniform caps help promote team spirit &
unity and also help the coaches, teammates & spectators easily identify our fantastic
Lightning swimmers.

To limit the spread of illness to athletes & coaches, please do not send your athlete back to
practice after an illness until they are healthy and/or cleared from a doctor.
OLDER ATHLETES: Remember that nutrition & adequate rest is imperative for a healthy
immune system. Keep on top of schoolwork and on top of deadlines, cramming and stress
can wreak havoc on our health. Regular participation in sports training can relieve stress &
boost the immune system. Get to practice when you are healthy so that times of illness only
become minor roadblocks or minor detours on the way to achieving your swimming/diving
goals. PARENTS: Keep in communication with the coaching staff if you child is absent for
more than one practice due to illness. Thank you & stay healthy

The next open Parent's Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, December 1 6:30-7:00pm.
Each month we would like to have a different topic of interest to the membership. Let us
know if you have a topic idea. The training group committees will meet after the open
meeting from 7:00-7:30pm. If you volunteered to be on a committee (indicated on your team
registration) please attend the 7pm meetings.
Thanks to the 24 parents who attended the November open parents meeting. We appreciate
your enthusiasm & great ideas.
Mark your calendars for future open meeting dates: 12/01 Wednesday, 1/06 Thursday, 2/07
Monday, 3/01 Tuesday.

Our first meet of the season is 11/13 vs. a strong Upper Dublin Aquatic Club.
All DIVING is Saturday afternoon @ UDHS. Divers arrive 11:45am.
BOYS swim Saturday morning @ HOME. Boys arrive 9:15am.
GIRLS swim Saturday afternoon AWAY @ Upper Dublin High School. Girls arrive 1:15pm.
Parents please wear your Black & Gold to meets to show your support of our fantastic
athletes. Remember the bleachers areas are for promoting great sportsmanship and being a
spectator offers continual opportunities to be great ambassadors of our wonderful programs.

Our Lightning team is run by it’s parent volunteers. We cannot host or participate in SAL
swimming & diving competitions without the help of our parents. We have 230 swimmers &
divers on the Lightning team and it is expected that we will not have a problem filling all of the
required volunteer meet positions. Meet sign-up sheets are posted on the team bulletin
board. Please sign-up to help at a minimum of 2 meets per season.

We are excited to introduce Coach Chuck Horton (daughter Kailey –WHITE Group) to our
Lightning pool deck. Coach Horton has volunteered to be a Lightning guest coach & mentor
on deck a few times each month. Coach Horton is a former NCAA Division I college coach
(Villanova University & The University of Alabama) and his vast experience includes coaching
elite athletes at the collegiate, national & international levels. Coach Horton is a fantastic
ambassador of all things great in the sport of swimming & we are grateful to have him join us.

The team roster is posted on the team web site. It is important that you check your athlete’s
information and email with any corrections or additions.
Our Crossfit Coach Terrence Fenningham is instructing some optional introductory classes
for WHITE group team members on Thursday nights. The cost is $5 per session per
swimmer payable directly to Coach Terrence on the night of each session. No advance
payment. Future classes are subject to cancellation based on interest level.
The introductory schedule through December is as follows:
11/4        White Group - Girls
11/11       White Group - Boys
12/2        White Group - Girls
12/9        White Group - Boys
12/16       White Group – Girls

SWIM/DIVE MEET SIGN-OUT POLICY - IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If you cannot attend a meet you must sign-out on the team bulletin board by 8pm on the
Tuesday before the meet to be missed.. All meet sign-out sheets are posted on the team
bulletin board at the pool. In the event of illness on meet day, please send a message to the
coaches via the team email before 8AM on the morning of the
meet. Do not send messages on meet day with a sibling, teammate or neighbor – this will be
considered a meet no-show. Meet no-shows will be suspended from the next scheduled
meet. No-shows are unfair to the team & to the coaches who spend hours preparing a line-
up. If your athlete is ill on a Friday night – email them out of the meet on Friday night. It is
not likely that they will be ready to compete Saturday morning.
Thank you for your cooperation.

As per Suburban Aquatic League Rules: All swimmers & divers must attend 40% of the
regular season meets (meets in November & December) to be eligible for the January team
championship meets and the end of season individual championship meets. Keep this rule in
mind as the busy holiday season & as cold & flu season approaches. Our final regular
season meet on December 18 vs. Council Rock Aquatic Club will determine the East
Division Champions. This is our most important regular season meet.

Always check the web site on Monday morning for weekly training schedule changes.
1. As of 10/01 the training schedule for Wednesday RED group has been changed to 6-8pm
for the rest of the season.
2. Tuesday/Thursday AM training is available for all RED/NTG/HS team members through
the end of the SAL season in February.
3. The SAL meet schedule has been updated with some important time and location
changes. Please see the team web site for these changes.
4. The Lightning Diving competition schedule will be posted as soon as it is available.

Each Monday the USA Committee has organized a soft pretzel sale. The proceeds will
benefit all Lightning swimming & diving team members. The cost is .50 per pretzel. Thank
you to the following families who have sponsored/donated the pretzels for the first month of
the sale: Dana & Kristen Bell, Ava & Hanah Buzacki, Amanda & Catherine Cooney, Emily
Dougherty, Sam Grossi, Justin, Mark & Ryan Igoe & Kristen Johnson. If you would like to
sponsor a pretzel sale please contact Kathy O’Dare (Annie/NTG-W, Kevin/BLUE).

We will have multiple opportunities for team fundraisers this season, fundraisers help to keep
our registration costs low. I wish to remind our 180 Lightning Families that registration fees
were not raised this season and we must use additional fundraising money to keep our
    program costs low. Each season we make capital improvements to the pool as a gift to the
    Lower Moreland School District who keeps our rental costs low. Last season we gifted a pool
    vacuum – cost $2,800. In the past we’ve gifted starting blocks, lane lines, the Colorado
    Timing system, the timing system storage facility, record boards, the training equipment
    (boards, extra fins, pull buoys), the silver bleachers. Some items on our wish list for this
    season: a new laptop to run the home meet computer, training equipment to replace old or
    worn equipment (buoys, fins, boards), new racing flags and a team banner.
    LMSD is a non-profit team - all fundraising money goes directly back to your athletes in the
    form of pool equipment, team awards, pasta/pizza parties, team gift, etc...

   We have noticed some of our younger team members outside in the parking lot area
   waiting for pick-up after evening practice. Our team policy, to assure the safety of your
   children, is that your children wait inside the pool area for pick-up. Lower Moreland High
   School’s parking lot is unfortunately an illegal short cut from Byberry Road to Buck
   Road/Huntingdon Pike and cars frequently speed through the parking lot area. Please teach
   your children to follow this safety policy. LMSD coaches are unable to supervise any children
   unless they are visible to us on the pool deck. Lastly, the LM Township Police have advised
   that tickets will be issued to anyone who parks illegally while picking up/dropping off at the
   school. Do not park in the bus zone or handicap spaces (even with flashers/emergency

When registering for the Lightning team, each family acknowledged the acceptance of the
standards outlined on our team Code of Conduct. Please review the following team rules with
your child - we have a zero tolerance policy for infractions, no reimbursement of team fees will be
made to a dismissed participant or their family.
Our access to the school is limited to the pool area only.
Athletes must be dropped off /picked up no more than 15 minutes before/after practice.
If children are early/waiting for pick-up they must wait inside on the bleachers.
Parents/athletes/siblings may not roam the school grounds or facilities.
The coaching staff supervises athletes only while on the pool deck.
Parents are responsible for athlete’s behavior on the high school campus & in the locker
room facilities.
Participants/Parents are expected to conduct themselves, at all times, with sportsmanship
& respect.
Participants/Parents are ambassadors of our program and will not bring discredit to the
LMSD association or its members.
Participants will respect our school facilities/grounds and the facilities/grounds of our
Profanity is never acceptable.
Participants are expected to practice the values of caring, honesty, respect &
responsibility and observe all State and Federal laws.

                Have a wonderful week!                 Coach Dawn Pachence

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