Printable Funny Birthday Cards by aihaozhe2


									Far from being uniform, birthday cards can be found in many different shapes, sizes,
colors, and types, and birthday cards can be customized depending upon the
emotional impact you want your recipient to feel. Buying cheap cards is a concern
many people have, and if your budget is constrictive, simply try a place such as
Walmart (or other similar discount store) If your budget allows for something flashier,
specialty stores such as Hallmark are a good alternative.

Another place to buy your printed birthday cards is the internet, as online stores allow
you several options to buy, including bulk or single cards. E-cards are another
alternative, as they allow you to send cards electronically through your recipient's
email and many of these allow you to add a personalized message. You can also send
musical and animated versions; while some of these services are free, many of them
require registration however.

Frequently, when looking for that personal touch to birthday cards, people turn to
hand made cards at flea markets or craft stores. Another place to buy them is
wholesale clubs like Sam's Club or Costco. Despite misconceptions to the contrary,
many handmade cards are reasonable in their prices. Usually coming boxed these
cards retail for a low of ten to a high of thirty dollars.

Birthday cards come in all shapes and sizes which mean you can find examples
related to every child's age, from one to 18. You can also find cards related to every
landmark age, such as age twenty-one, thirty, forty, fifty, sixty, seventy, and eighty. I
imagine they also have them for ages ninety and one-hundred, but I haven't seen them;
it may be you need to special order these, as few people reach that old age in today's

Many people give messages with the theme of 'over the hill,' and many more enjoy
the idea of themed cards. A personal example of the type of over the hill birthday card
can be found in the type of card that my father received for his last birthday; his card
read "you're a national treasure. Aging can be a hard process, and many people do not
realize how much difference a humorous card can make on a person, particularly
older men.

Some markets of birthday cards focus on a suggestive theme - either through the
promotion of alcohol or sex - while others offer crude gestures, and still others focus
on the younger generation as their target. There are also Disney cards for younger
children that include themes such as Disney Princesses, Cars, Aladdin, and other
Disney favorites. Disney designs their cards to be as fun as their movies, frequently
making their cards musical and often including pop-ups of their beloved characters.
Any Hallmark store, department stores, or discount stores will have a card aisle where
you can more fully explore the many different types of birthday cards that are

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