Portrait Photography Tips For Beginners

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					Every photographer is looking for one thing: the wow factor. Capturing a photograph
that is stunning and artistic in every angle is not an easy thing to do, since the
definition of art and beauty differs with each individual. However, it can be done by
following your instinct as an artist.

Try matching that with this set of portrait photography tips and see what happens.

In portrait photography, there are times where the effect of working against the rules
is incredibly beautiful. It is sometimes good to be random and bold to be able to shoot
that perfect picture.

In line with that, try to experiment with your composition. Basically, portraits are
taken with the camera at eye level. Change the angle from which you are shooting and
notice the change in perspective. Depending on the effect you want to achieve, you
can position yourself over or lower your subject. From varying your vantage, you may
see an even more interesting aspect of the object of focus.

The direction in which the eyes look at the camera greatly affects the effect of the
portrait. Know that directly looking into the camera is not always the best way of
shooting someone. Play with the eyes and be more intriguing. This way, reviewers of
the shot are drawn to wonder as to what is probably there, off camera.

Stay focused within the portrait frame. It helps to come up with a second point of
interest that is related to the main focus of the portrait. In other words, create a story
within the frame.

Composition rules that are advised as portrait photography tips are meant to be
followed and broken. These rules are important to be studied and used. However,
stretching them or pushing to their outer limits can result to far more promising pieces.
Aside from being unconventional, it can result to more interesting form of portrait art.