Eureka 96 B Quick Up Upright Cordless Stick Vacuum

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EZ Kleen Cordless Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner
Don't let a power cord put limits on your cleaning. The Eureka Boss Lite cordless vacuum supplies
plenty of suction and versatility without a cumbersome, leashlike cord. Designed for quick pickup on
bare floors or carpets, this bagless vacuum features a convenient dust cup for dirt collection--when
it's full, just quick-release it, and dump it out. At less than five pounds, the Boss Lite is easy to lift,
push, and store, and comes with its own wall-mount rack, conveniently connected to the charging
plug. Fully extended, the handle makes for comfortable floor vacuuming, but you can also remove it to
vacuum tight areas like closets or tidy up the stairs. A motor-driven brush roll sweeps and combs the
carpet, sending particles into the path of the suction. Requiring just a few minutes to assemble, the
vacuum features a powerful five-cell battery pack that's easy to remove and replace and a charge
light that lets you know when the vacuum's fully juiced. Eureka also includes a bare floors/carpet
switch, a built-in Edge Kleener for vacuuming near walls and furniture, and a motor filter inside the
dust cup. --Emily Bedard
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