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Its not just for lunchgrill anything from omelettes to French toast, even light dinners. Evenly grills two
items at a time. Dual indicator lights prevent over or under cooking. Nonstick cooking plates eliminate
the need for added butter or oil. Looks great and stores easily! Model WM-SW2. Manufacturers limited
three-year warranty.
Lunch takes on a whole new dimension with this sandwich grill. Layer cheese, tuna, veggies,
mushrooms, or whatever is desired between slices of bread, set on the deep-pocket grill, and close
and lock the lid. Sandwiches come out perfectly browned and sealed, with a diagonal indentation
making them easy to slice in half. The grill cooks one or two sandwiches at a time, and also turns out
waffles and omelets. The nonstick finish keeps food from sticking, although a little butter or oil also
helps. A red light comes on when the grill is plugged in and heating up; a green light announces the
grill is ready to use. To clean, simply wipe off the grill plates when cool. The grill measures 9 by 9 by
3-1/2, and is covered by a three-year warranty against defects. --Ann Bieri
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