Party Themes- The Best 5 by aihaozhe2


									Almost any idea could be used as a party theme, and it makes the party more
enjoyable for the guests. It can take a bit of planning but there are popular themes that
are easy to cater for.

One idea is a Chinese theme. You could ask your local Chinese food establishment to
prepare the dishes for you. Guests can come dressed as Geishas or Samurais; you
could have Chinese music playing in the background as well as fans, lights and paper
lanterns. Your guests could even try using chopsticks to eat the delicious food. The
night can be rounded off with a superb display of Chinese firecrackers.

You will find plenty of party suppliers who can help with a Jungle party theme.
Guests can dress up as jungle animals, Tarzan or Jane. Palm trees and fake ivy bunting
on ropes can help to set the theme. Jungle music is easy to trace and is great for
background noise. And as always, someone will dress as a Gorilla and bring an
inflatable banana!

A murder mystery theme is so much fun and a lot of people are enthusiastic about this
type of party, especially if they like acting. It can take a lot of preparation as you have
to plan who will be the victim and the murderer, but it is a spectacular role-playing
game that can be as stylish and outrageous as you like. It is possible to hire actors to
make sure that this type of party goes smoothly.

One of the easiest themes to plan is a Luau. Decorations can be as simple as palm
trees, coconuts or flamingos. You could have Hawaiian music or beach sounds
playing to help create the right environment. Your guests will find it simple to locate
items such as grass skirts and leis from party suppliers. And of course, serve tropical
cocktails and Hawaiian style food.

Not to be forgotten are the children who always enjoy a themed party. The most
popular is princesses for girls and pirates for boys. There are lots of party suppliers
who will have all the items you need to make sure that the children enjoy the party.

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