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									ParcelHandicrafts is a manufacturer and supplier of arts of Bali handicrafts, wood and
stone carving, ornaments, home decor products and fashion accessories, which are
creatively designed with both traditional and modern influences. Every detail in its
products is engraved by highly skilled craft maker artisans in Bali.

As it is a buying-selling agent, millions of dollars of handicrafts are now being
exported all over the globe annually to gift shops, supermarkets, department stores,
wholesalers, importers and distributors. They provides you with the most updated Bali
wooden handicrafts and best seller products. They guarantee their merchandise
consists of the highest quality handmade products with creative designs and styles,
which you can get with the lowest possible price.

ParcelHandicrafts is run by an Indonesian exporter and trading company named CV
Bali Parcel, which splashes around large scale art crafts productions. You may enjoy
browsing through its colorful catalogue on their website to see the immense variety of
beautiful individually hand crafted items they are gladly making available to you.

They take a great deal of care packing your order well. All products are quality
controlled by their workers, for handicraft products, the items are wrapped in paper
and bubble wrap then packed into cartoon boxes or (depending on the fragility of the
item) a wooden crate with shredded paper. Larger items such as furniture are
individually wrapped in foam sheet and then craft corrugated cardboard for protection.
Fragile large products suck as big statue, ceramic pots, stone products etc, are
wrapped and then a wooden frame is constructed to hold and protect the object during
shipment. Silica Gel sachets are added to all packed products. All packed items or
boxes or crates are numbered and contents listed and correlate to the packing list and
shipping invoice for your easy reference once you receive the shipment.

ParcelHandicrafts website is a legal-licensed business as handicraft manufacturer by
Government of Indonesia in Bali. They started our business since 1995 and launched
their website in 2002. They have more than a thousand of designs in all of handicraft
and all designs have taken Buyers interest from United State, Canada, United
Kingdom, Italy, France, Germany, Spanish, England and many other countries World
Wide. They accept and support customized designs from customers as they
continually strive for excellence through innovative designs.

On the website they have some categories such as: Balinese statues, traditional
lampshades, terracottas, boomerangs, didgeridoos, Animal wood painted carving like
wooden girrafes and sea horses, natural leaves photo album, picture frames, bamboo
windchimes, Animal wood carving natural like wood turtles and dolphins, many wood
carving natural, native American and Indian style wallhangings and stands, and more
fashion accessorries like sarongs, sandals, beaded-shell bracelets, earrings, necklaces,
You can also see some collections of tableware like bowls, coasters, food cover, fork
and spoon, fruit baskets, placemates, platters and other mixed ware.

You are welcome to come in and see for yourself all the handicrafts products that
Indonesia has to offer. You'll be truly stunned!

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