Solis Crema Master 5000 Digital Superautomatic Espresso Machine

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The Master 5000 Digital offers the simplicity, reliability and gourmet quality coffee production already
present in our popular Master 5000 model and adds extra functionality and customization. The first
thing you see on the Master 5000 Digital is an easy-to-read, backlit digital display that will guide you
completely through the espresso and coffee making process. The control panel also gives you
unprecedented control over the machine. You can adjust the quantity of coffee and water for each cup
as well as coffee temperature. Enjoy fully automated features that will have you making perfect
espresso, lattes, café mochas, cappuccino, Americanos and other great coffee house drinks, just like
the pros. The Master 5000 Digital has an initial heat up time of just over two minutes. It brews espresso
using a 15 BAR pressure pump. It will brew a single shot of espresso in 15 seconds, and a double shot
in 20 seconds; however, these times can be programmed to your liking. Heat up time for the steam
function is 45 seconds with the average heat time for an 8 ounce cappuccino being 1 minute and a 12
ounce latte being 1.5 minutes. Have your own home or office coffee bar! The compact, Master 5000
Digital easily tucks under most overhead cabinets without taking up a lot of counter space. Advanced
features include programmable brewing options, two programmable coffee brewing sizes, adjustable
coffee grinder for fine tuning between, espresso and coffee, special pre-brew coffee conditioning
system, temperature control, water hardness setting and an automated cleaning system.

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