Palm Springs Condos And The Home Owner's Association

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					If you are in the property market and are taking into consideration a relocation to
Palm Springs you will find a handful of things you need to be aware of. Palm Springs
is a great area to call home year-round. It can be hot in the summer but the winters
here in the Coachella Valley are wonderful. Due to this many individuals have second
properties here in Palm Springs where they are able to enjoy the mild winters and then
travel north in the summer to be free from the high temperature.

Condominiums in Palm Springs are an cost-effective possibility for a 2nd home,
vacation property or primary residence. Our season goes from around October
through April. While a good deal of the local economy is dependent on tourism, you
will discover a good deal of year-round residents and businesses to help you stay
entertained and well-fed throughout the year.

In case you aren't familiar with condominiums condos there's one thing you must be
aware of before contemplating a condo. Palm Springs condos frequently mandate you
to belong to a home owners association (HOA). In doing so you will be expected to
pay a mandatory monthly payment. This monthly fee helps pay several expenses and
they are mandatory. If you live in a Palm Springs condo you are required to pay HOA
dues. This charge covers charges such as security, gardening, property management,
upkeep of pools etc.

Membership in an HOA is required when obtaining a Palm Springs condo because
when the property was initially subdivided and prior to the sale of any single units,
membership was recorded as part of the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions
(CC&Rs). The CC&Rs are recorded with the county and run with the condo. This
requirement isn't determined by the seller. It is not odd for a person buying a
condominium to start to think that it's the seller who is trying to dump these HOA
expenses onto the buyer. This isn't the case and in fact is seen by many buyers as a

The benefits of membership in an HOA is often many. The first and foremost is the
lack of any sort of outside repairs and maintenance. Even though you're paying for
your portion of it, somebody else will do all of your gardening and landscaping. HOA
membership also allows you access to common facilities such as pools, tennis courts,
gyms and other amenities somebody might not be able to afford on ones own. Yet
another benefit of an HOA is your potential to become involved in the governing of
the Palm Springs condo community, in the event you decide to do so. HOAs are ran
by a board of directors and based on the HOA bylaws the members of that board are
elected annually. Meetings are generally held monthly but may occasionally be held
quarterly and are generally open to the membership. With this you have a voice in the
governing of your HOA.

In conclusion, HOA membership supplies plenty of features and ore often worth the
additional charge. If you are considering buying an affordable property that is low
maintenance, Palm Springs condos may just be for you. For more facts on Real Estate
in Palm Springs please contact Joshua Marquis through his website at http://