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What sets the Primea Ring apart from most household super automatics is the machine's ability to do
more than just make espresso. Featuring 2 front spouts that can both dispense coffee and milk, the
Primea Ring can froth and brew into 2 cups at the same time, giving you the possibility of making 2
drinks simultaneously--even lattes or cappuccinos. The Primea Ring's click-wheel dial lets you scroll
through 8 drink choices, so you can choose from hot milk, hot water, espresso, coffee, long coffee,
espresso macchiato, cappuccino or latte macchiato. Featuring a sleek, simple control dial and the
ability to make 2 cappuccinos or lattes simultaneously, the Primea Ring is one of the most capable
home espresso machines on the market. Featuring today's popular technological styling, the Primea
Ring features a click-wheel control interface to make navigating through the different features as
simple as using an iPod. Simply use your finger to scroll through the machine's menu options. As you
scroll, the Primea's controls are displayed on the digital display above the dial, and you can enter any
setting just by pressing the coffee cup in the center of the dial. The Primea is designed to create your
choice of 8 different drinks, from traditional espressos, to cappuccinos and lattes. Grinding, tamping,
brewing and frothing are fully automatic, and the Primea Ring has a built-in milk container so there's no
rubber hose traveling across your counter. For increased durability and efficiency, the Primea is
equipped with a stainless steel boiler and Saeco's Rapid Steam system, so the machine can brew
espresso, and froth or steam without wait time in between. With a range of other premium features, like
a motorized, removable drip tray and an actively heated cup warmer, the Primea Ring delivers
great-tasting results with unmatched convenience and style.

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