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					Ouija Boards have been around for ages, and yet they are still being confused for
some a kind of portal
a communication devise that alows us to speak to our passed loved ones or spirits we
dont want anything to do with.

And this is what they are mostly remembered by, As something that's associated with
the devil.
How did this happen? It's a board game patented by the parker bros.
Yes a board game just like monopoly, scrabble, and the many other board games that
exist only to entertain us for amusement only.

The reputation of ouija boads is seen by most as a discusting one (just like mentioned
above) as if it was associated with the devil some how or the dark part of the spiritual

In my opinion (Paul Archer) this is something Parker Bros created for a publicity stunt
to create attention and gain massive attention in order to get the most from sales. Yes
it was all about money.

From all the history and the stories shown it seems to all be circumstantial evidence
here say I'm sure that we have all hered some kind of upsetting and scary stories about
the ouija board.

There is very popular storie that's still around to this day, who knows when it actually
And just like anything else, when people that dont understand something they
automatically toss the facts out the window and begin assumption. As if they were
still in year 12 B.C. and the planet is still flat.

The storie is something that's crazy to even listen two but someone made it up and
people believe it.
"If you Buy A Ouija Board You Cant Ever Get Rid Of It".
The ouija will follow you around no matter what you do with it, Try and throw it
away , give it away, lose it, break it some how, it always keeps coming back.

Now imagine that, sounds like something right out of the Twilight Zone.
And it captures your attention, Like I said a publicity stunt. And it worked.

Ouija Board do you want one?

Big Scary Ouija Boards

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