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Healthy or fast. Versatile or simple. You can have it all with the Aroma Super Turbo Oven. Roast
poultry, broil meat, grill kabobs, steam vegetables, boil pasta or simmer a stew, all in one easy to use
appliance. By simply turning its control dials, this convection oven cooks at microwave-like speeds,
while using 80% less energy than standard ovens! Moisture and essential nutrients, that are typically
lost during microwave cooking, are sealed in, giving you flavorful food; fast. Unlike most food, fat and
oils drip away, keeping it low-fat and healthy. The tempered, shatter-resistant French Arcopal glass
cooking bowl allows you to monitor your meal as it cooks. And once it's done, the bowl removes for
easy serving and storage of leftovers.

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