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					The name Oprah Winfrey rings a bell with many different people. Oprah Winfrey has
had a hit talk show for almost twenty five years. Her talk show has covered many
things, from great happy stories, sad stories, and those stories that make you want to
go out and help people. There has never been a dull moment in the years of Oprah.
Millions of viewers have tuned into her show each weekday on many different
stations across the world. Many people have also flown to Chicago and seen her show
filmed live. She has been very popular in the world of today.

Even with her being so popular Oprah has decided that in the year 2011 she will end
her show that's been on the air for twenty five years. Her show will be missed by
millions of people. Not only has she brought good guests and good stories into our
homes, she has also brought great books into our homes with the Oprahs book club.
The Oprahs book club has helped to get many books that otherwise might not be
popular, be made very popular. Some of these books have even gone on to become
best sellers. The book club has been running since 1996 and has never faltered except
for one brief pause due to having to revamp the book selections. The Oprahs book
club has helped thousands of people keep on reading and enjoy many different books.

The Oprah finale is sure to be a fabulous episode! There are twenty five years of clips
to be compiled, guests will make reappearances and there are will no doubt be laughs
and tears as Oprah signs off for the very last time. The Oprah finale is bound to be
watched by millions and tickets for the show will be sold out very quickly. The Oprah
Winfrey show will be missed by millions all over the world.

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