Omigod_ Legally Blonde The Musical Hits Broadway by aihaozhe2


									Legally Blonde the musical opened at the Palace Theatre in New York City on April
29th, 2007 and no short expense was taken. The huge production is adapted from the
hit blockbuster movie which had audiences enjoying the "blond moments" of Elle
Woods, who won over the hearts of the nation with her cute sense of intellect yet
pureness of gullibility which keeps her character seemingly pure and innocence to the
truth of harshness which the world revolves around her. The complete Legally Blonde
franchise focus on two hit moves and now adds the Broadway musical all of which
are based on Amanda Brown's novel. Both movie versions were quite successful at
the box office and if the Broadway production follows in their footsteps it should be
very successful as well.

The Story Of Legally Blonde The Musical

The story on which the musical is based is very entertaining. Sure you can look at it as
the old boy meets girl saga, however, this show captures something a bit more for
many. Elle Woods suddenly becomes dumped by her boyfriend who decides to pursue
a woman he feels offers more intellect to the relationship. Woods of course will not
stand for such actions as she feels being dumped or rejected is simply unacceptable.
Taking the chain of events into her own hands she attends Harvard Law School to
prove that she is fully capable of being just as smart and intelligent as anyone else.
The story takes off turning the Ivy League school completely upside down with
fashion advice and her own life's lessons. Of course along the way she realizes who
she is and that to stray from herself to be someone else would be a huge mistake.

The Creators Of The Musical

The creative team behind Legally Blonde the musical includes some of the very best
names in New York City Broadway theater including the directorial debut of Tony
award winning choreographer Jerry Mitchell. Mitchell's credits on Broadway include
such hits as Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Hairspray and The Full Monty. Heather Hatch is
credited with writing the book and was also the co-writer of the successful film
Freaky Friday," which was a Hollywood blockbuster hit. The writing team of
Laurence OKeefe and Nell Benjamin are responsible for the lyrics of Legally Blonde
the musical. Elle Woods is played by Laura Bell Bundy who holds true to the
characters personality.

Tickets For Legally Blonde The Musical

This show is set up to be a big hit on Broadway and early ticket sales reflect the
popularity of a lighthearted fun comedy in New York. The Palace Theatre is playing
the production eight times per week and has a little over thirteen thousand seating
capacity per week for the show. The theater is selling out many shows especially for
popular nights with average face value box office tickets costing around sixty dollars.
Calling the box office early to arrange your tickets is always the best way to guarantee
tickets at face value for any show. The more popular a show is the more important it is
to arrange them as early as possible.

Legally Blonde the musical is full of fun and exiting characters, a light comedic
storyline and a great ending which should keep audiences extremely entertained
throughout. The story is told through music and humor which keeps the show light,
but don't downplay Elle to much, as she does manage to teach the audience a few life
lessons along the way.

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