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					ACDC is one of the greatest rock bands of all-time and many people claim to be fans
but don't have any of their albums, tshirts, or memorabilia. In this article, I intend on
getting you up to speed to becoming a real ACDC fan with a vintage shirt to prove it.
I'll give you the secret of where I get my officially licensed ACDC shirts, and how
you can save some money with a great coupon.

Vintage ACDC shirts are some of the most incredible ACDC shirts because they're
made for the real classic fans and newbies alike. It's the equivalent of a throwback. It
takes you back to a time when ACDC was on top of the rock world. Not just the
classic rock genre, but the whole shabang. features one of the highest selections of vintage ACDC shirts and
they're reasonable at around $24 bucks and they offer free shipping. I made a
purchase the other day and noticed a box on the checkout page for a coupon code so I
Googled: coupon codes and the first listing I found was for retailmenot.
The coupon I found was for 15% the purchase of three items or more. I was pretty
happy especially considering I had exactly three shirts in my shopping cart.

There's a few vintage ACDC shirts I found on their site that I was particularly fond of
which I intend to explain here:

Back In Black 4:

Back in Black was my favorite ACDC album and apparently a favorite amongst
several others as well. Throughout it's years of being re-mastered and re-released, The
Black in Black album sold 44 million copies. Can you believe that?

The Back in Black shirt is pretty awesome because it features the original logo and
text font from the Black in Black album cover, plus there's also other shirts available
with other cool Back in Black text font types. Since the Back in Black Album is one
of my favorite ACDC albums of all-time, I just had to have the Back in Black shirt.


The Thunder shirt features the classic ACDC logo with the lightning bolt between the
words AC DC and the logo is printed in a dark fiery red and printed on a black tshirt.
It's very classic, very vintage, and I have one. I'm not sure where I remember seeing
this particular style and color of the ACDC logo printed, but I'm pretty sure it was on
an album cover. I must admit I feel a bit ashamed not knowing.

Long Live Rock:

There's no doubt Angus Young isn't one of the most incredible guitar players and is
style and on-stage presence is electrifying! The Long Live Rock vintage ACDC shirt
features a candid pic of Angus Young rocking out in a live concert performance. The
picture used is artist-edited and appears in a black and white tone sequence with red
letter that says: Let There Be Rock. What an incredible statement. People passing by
always give my shirt a quick stare when I have this one on and they throw up the
classic rock hand motion to single their level of respect and admiration for my shirt.

Highway to Hell:

Highway to Hell. Oh my gosh! This album is so so classic. I think it comes dead even
with my love of the Black in Black album. The title track has been featured in so
many movies, tv shows, and commercials, and every time I hear it I get pumped up
and feel like a total rebel. The Highway to Hell shirt features the original cover work
of the Highway to Hell album. These are always my favorite types of vintage ACDC
shirts. You gotta have an album cover tee in your arsenal of ACDC shirts, otherwise
you simply do not have a vintage ACDC shirt.

I hope my love of ACDC and sharing of where to get vintage ACDC shirts has helped
you reminisce about the good old days of ACDC. Now go get your shirt and
remember the coupon code.

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