Ny Giants Tickets - A History Of The Team And Fans

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					The Giants Stadium is home to the New York (NY) Giants, along with another great
American professional football team of New York the New York Jets. The Stadium is
located inside the massive Meadowlands Sports Complex in suburban East Rutherford,
New Jersey. The Giants Stadium is the fifth home of the NY Giants, since its creation
as a football team of the National Football League (NFL) in 1925. Of the five teams
that joined the NFL that year, the Giants are the only one that has survived.

The Team

The New York Giants, which plays in the Eastern Division of the National Football
Conference in the National Football league (NFL), was founded by Tim Mara - a
businessman, a bookie, and a promoter all rolled into one. Professional football, then,
was played in Dayton, Rochester, Columbus, and such places. Professional football
had never really yet taken off, and only professional baseball, boxing, and college
football was popular.

The Giants are known as Big Blue Wrecking Crew, Big Blue, G-Men, The Jints, The
New York Football Giants, and Jersey Giants.

After the death of Tim Mara in 1959, the ownership of the team was passed onto his
younger son, Wellington, who since the age of 14 (in the 1930s) had been controlling
the franchise along with his elder brother, Jack. After remaining in the hands of the
Mara family for 66 years, 50 percent stake in the club was sold to Preston Robert
Tisch - a lifelong Giants fan, a native of New York, and one of the Americas most
successful businessmen.

The New York Giants have four pre-merger NFL Championships, which they won in
1927, 1934, 1938, and in 1956, under their belt. They won the two Super Bowls in
1986 and in 1990.

The Homes

Though today, the NY Giants are based at their own Stadium since 1976, they had
four other homes since they came together as a professional football team. They
started with the Polo Grounds as their base, and shared this home with another
professional sports team the New York Baseball Giants.

They moved home to the Yankee Stadium before the start of the 1956 season, and
played there until the beginning of the 1973 season. After playing the first two games
of this season at the Yankee Stadium, which was closing for renovations and repairs,
they moved base to the Yale Bowl in New Haven, Connecticut, and stayed there until
the end of the 1974 season.

They then moved base to the Shea Stadium, and called it their home until they moved
into their own home the Giants Stadium.

The NY Giants Tickets

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