New Tv Signal Analyzer_ Kathrein Msk200 by aihaozhe2


									LBA Technology introduces the newest, state of the art Universal Signal Analyzer by
Kathrein, the MSK-200. This instrument is designed to tackle industry digital
transmission challenges and ensure optimal performance of transmission systems. It
completely supports US ATSC/8VSB protocols for the DTV era!

The MSK-200 TV Signal Analyzer is 10 vital pieces of test equipment wrapped up
into one compact device. Features include a full spectrum analyzer from 5 MHz to 3.1
GHz, a realtime color constellation analyzer for all DVB standards, memory
oscilloscope, MPEG-4 and analog TV monitor, real-time MER/BER analyzer with
in-depth measurement capabilities, and simultaneous spectrum and picture transport
stream monitoring with its high quality digital/analogue receiver. Make transmission
& reflected RF measurements with the built-in return loss bridge. The MSK-200 even
has a built-in internet browser and a full PC is integrated for user data processing and
office tasks.

Multiple in depth analysis types are accommodated by the analyzer's functions.
Features include ATSC, DVB, DVB-T, DVB-S and DVB-C demodulation,
AM/FM/SAT for CATV, Terrestrial, Satellite and Radio applications, J83B, DOCSIS,
ATSC, 8VBS demodulation, video amplitude measurements with line selection,
Signal to Noise weighting and Hum measurements, and more. Both radio frequency
(RF) signals and baseband Ethernet sources may be analyzed. It even includes LNB
powering and metering to support full satellite measurements, with DiSEqC control to
handle multiple LNB's. Its fast refresh rate makes dish alignment a breeze.

Use the MSK-200 Digital TV Signal Analyzer to install and test FM transmitters, TV
transmitters for ATSC, DVB-T and DVB-H, microwave and ENG links, COFDM
digital mobile links, radiant cable TV and radio systems, MPEG-2 and MPEG-4
decoders, radio and television multiplexors, cable television (CATV) systems, satellite
IRD's and more. The MSK-200 signal meter goes where you go, with integral Li-ion,
120/240 VAC, and external DC power supplies. Kathrein has designed this instrument
for functionality, so you can move on to the next project quickly.

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