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Bringing the café into your own home has never been easier with Spidem Villa by Saeco. Just add
whole beans and water, and instantly you will have perfectly extracted espresso. With state-of-the-art
technology, you can make all of your favorite espresso-based drinks, including cappuccino, latte, and
even regular-strength coffee. Every cup of coffee is freshly ground, dosed, tamped, and brewed with
consistant high quality in one cycle, all at a push of a button. This fully loaded machine features a 57
ounce removable water tank, 12 ounce bean hopper capacity, built-in adjustable conical burr grinder,
Pannarello frothing device for perfect froth and steamed milk, an adjustable dispensing head to fit any
size mug, and the Saeco easy clean system with the fully extractable brew group that grinds, doses,
tamps, brews and discards used ground internally.

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