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					Main Kabhi Batlata Nahin
Par Andhere Se Darta Hoon Main Maa
Yun To Main,Dikhlata Nahin
Teri Parwaah Karta Hoon Main Maa

Who can forget these beautiful lines composed by Prasoon Joshi for Aamir Khan's
critically acclaimed film, Taare Zameen Par?

But judging by the current Bollywood music scenario, I think composers, music
directors and lyricists seem to have forgotten the importance of lyrics in a song. To
deliver a hit song, people usually add pumping beats, blazing guitar riffs and a few
lines, stupid though they may be through a popular singer like our very own
H.Reshammiya (no offense meant) and Presto! You have a Chart buster or at least a
radio hit. What's more, people easily swallow such meaningless trash and call it music.
Its time one paused and reflected on what they actually mean when they write bizarre

The importance of good and meaningful lyrics cannot be undermined and this is a fact
which only a few film-makers are ready to accept. Like Aamir Khan, who only
preferred Prasoon Joshi because of the poetic lilt of his works in Hum Tum and Rang
De Basanti. Just drawling the same themes of love and Hate, life and death in modern
Bollywood songs has rendered the industry boring and lifeless. But one cannot put the
blame entirely on film-makers as they have to dance to the trends of the modern
indian. They provide what the public want. And if the public wants Himesh's nasal
ringing repeated songs, so be it. As it is, money has replaced art and talent in almost
every other form of entertainment. Gone are the days when beautiful lines adorned
soothing tones to comprise ever green hits. The oldies songs had just that and they
have become embedded in every Indians mind, young and old alike. They are what
we call evergreen hits. It can be concluded that a good song needs a good and
balanced combination of melody, beats and lyrics.

 In the world of hindi movies lyrics and words are loosing the battle to instrumental
music, beat based music and random lyrics. One can only hope and pray that the
importance of lyrics will some day become an integral part of the song-writing
process, adding more facets to the beauty of Indian Cinema.

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