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					Barcelona Museums and Art Galleries

Museums in Barcelona
Barcelona is famous for its rich cultural heritage, from the breathtaking Modernist
architecture of Antoni Gaudi to the plethora of artists and writers who have been
inspired to create masterpieces by the beauty of the Catalonian capital. Naturally
befitting to such a culturally important city, there is a wide range of museums and art
galleries in Barcelona to visit. Here is a list of some of the biggest and most

Gaudi - La Sagrada Familiar and La Pedrera
La Sagrada Familiar and La Pedrera are two of the most iconic buildings in Barcelona
designed by Antoni Gaudi. La Sagrada Familiar is visited by around 2 million tourists
each year. Inside there is a museum which charters the evolution of the Sagrada
Familiar as it has constantly changed under construction. There is even a model of
how the Cathedral will look when it is finally completed, estimated to be in around 30
years time. As for La Pedrera, the building is the museum, seen by many as a perfect
example of Gaudis Modernist architectural style and housing some important
paintings. These architectural masterpieces are the two most visited museums in

The FC Barcelona Football Museum (Camp Nou)
This is the most visited football museum in the world, containing important sporting
memorabilia from the history of one of the worlds greatest football clubs. The
museum has a trophy room displaying some of the trophies Barcelona have won in the
past, a photographic section which charts the history of the club in images and other
items such as signed shirts, medals and boots (see below). The museum also displays
items from Barcelonas other sports teams such as basketball and hockey as well as
information about when Barcelona hosted the Olympic Games in 1992. In addition,
you can also take the stadium tour, which is a great behind the scenes look at one of
the worlds greatest sporting arenas. For sports enthusiasts this is a truly remarkable

Museum d' Histria de Catalunya
This is the perfect place to go if you are interested in the history of Catalunya, perhaps
Spains most interesting autonomous community. The museums principle aim is to
encourage people to learn more about the history of the Catalunya nation and it
actively supports projects with the same aim. The museum narrates the story and
evolution of Catalunya and contains many relics from the regions past.

Art Galleries in Barcelona

Museu National d' Art Catalunya (MNAC) Montjuc
This art gallery is situated in a stunning building and has great views of Barcelona
from its entrance. Inside there is a wide range of artwork and artefacts coming from
Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque periods. The diversity of the
museums artwork is truly amazing, with thousands paintings, sketches, photography
and sculptures. The museum also houses the largest collection of Catalan artwork
anywhere in the world.

Picasso Museum
Visiting this museum is a great way of increasing your knowledge about Spains best
known artist, Pablo Picasso. The museum houses around 3,800 of Picassos works.
The museum concentrates on the progression of Picasso from an adolescent artist to
the accomplished painter that revolutionised the art world. The museum also pays
particular attention to the Malaga-born artists profound relationship with Catalonia,
something which started at a young age and influenced his work right up until his
death in 1973.

Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art (MACBA)

The Museum only opened in 1995 and the building itself is something to behold, a
large mainly glass building whose design is strongly linked with Modernism. The
museum focuses on modern art, from the mid to late 20th Century through to the
current day. As with most museums in Barcelona, there is emphasis on displaying
local works, and perhaps the museum is most famous for its works by Catalan artists
such as Antoni Tpies. The museum changes its exhibitions every three months or so,
meaning there is always something new to see there.

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