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Gaggia Baby Twin Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine


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With a beautiful brushed stainless steel exterior, the Gaggia Baby Twin stands to revolutionize home
espresso brewing as the only semi-automatic machine in its class with a dual heating system. The
Gaggia Baby Espresso Machine line was one of the original machines to use the modern pump design.
Its three-way solenoid valve, commercial brew group, pre-infusion cycle, and powerful 15 bar pump
add to the allure of this innovative design, ensuring rich crema is just a few moments away. All of these
heavy-duty internal components are controlled by a modern touch-ring with green backlit buttons. This
touch-ring manages brewing, programming, hot water dispensing, and it also has indicator lights for the
steam supply and brew boiler temperature. Over the last 25 years it has become one of the finer
espresso machines of its kind. This pump-type Gaggia espresso maker features the commercial grade
brewing components and top-notch steam wand that make Gaggia a leader in the home espresso
machine industry.

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