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Style and Sophistication meet craft and simplicity in the Gaggia Platinum Vogue. They say fashion and
personality go hand in hand, and the Gaggia Platinum Vogue reinterprets that idea in an expertly
designed machine, offering an endless range of customized drinks all with the touch of a button.
Attractive and durable, the Platinum Vogue features a stainless steel boiler with Rapid Steam system,
so there is no wait between brewing and steaming. With an adjustable doser and the exclusive E-plus
beverage strength system, you decide the strength and taste of your coffee. The Pannarello frothing
wand makes frothing and steaming milk easy, allowing you to create cappuccinos, lattes and more with
ease. Of course, it’s the little things that complete an ensemble. A passive heat cup warmer,
height-adjustable drip tray, Aqua Prima water filter and hassle-free control panel all lend to your
excellent and unique espresso experience.

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