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Your kitchen becomes a cafe with this multifunctional machine. With the push of a button, it will brew
an espresso and froth milk simultaneously, pouring a perfect cappuccino in minutes. DIGITAL
PROGRAMMABLE MENU SETTINGS Allow you to adjust start time, auto shut-off and clock. You can
adjust temperature of the coffee and water hardness. Plus, there are three settings for coffee strength:
mild regular, and strong. Three buttons allow you to easily choose the size of cup you want: one-shot
(small), two shots (medium) and large (long coffee). The three settings can be customized to your
preferred taste.     PATENTED SINGLE TOUCH CAPPUCCINO AND LATTE The system includes a
25 oz. milk container, a detachable lid, for frothed milk for cappuccino or for steamed milk for latte. It
also includes a unique automatic cleaning function with the easy push of a button. Plus, the entire
container is detachable, so it can easily be placed in the refrigerator. All parts are dishwasher-safe.
Place the cup under the nozzle and press the button. You ll get a perfect cappuccino or latte every
time! Amounts of frothed / steamed milk and coffee are adjustable.           WHAT YOU GRIND IS WHAT
YOU BREW The compact and patented Direct-to-Brew System with Thermoblock technology provides
excellent heat distribution and it s removable for easy cleaning. The beans are ground instantly to
ensure the freshest espresso or coffee. 15 BARS of Pressure          PROFESSIONAL-QUALITY
CONICAL BURR GRINDER Integrated burr grinder produces consistent, fresh and aromatic espresso
or coffee. Grind settings allow you to adjust the fineness for all types of beans.

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