Modern Art Painting How To Do It by aihaozhe2


									Art paintings are almost everywhere nowadays, from living rooms, to hospitals and
museums. They are practically beautiful to look at, and some might even make you
wonder on how they were possible to be done. Artists have incorporated various
techniques in painting and the art has been popular for hundreds of years, where some
popular artists are Leonardo Da Vinci and

Salvador Dali. Hence, if youre planning to start off with painting, where you think
you have an eye for it, below are a number of steps that might help you get started.

First of all plan out on what you are going to draw. All modern art paintings have to
have planning or proper visuals on your idea before you actually start picking up the
material to start. Without knowing what exactly youre going to do, there is no way
your painting would become a success. Take time to analyze and think out what you
want and the details youre about to put into the painting.

Once youve done that, head on to getting the materials needed to start your modern art
painting. If you have done paintings before you will most probably know what youll
need. Therefore, head on to make sketches on the main part of your painting to
arrange the tonal values after youve got all your materials sorted out. Tonal values are
important as they are core in starting off a painting and youll know how large is a
certain part youve decided to draw. Some examples of materials you can use to do this
would be pencil, oil or even charcoal.

Next, head on to make oil sketches onto your painting. Oil sketches are used to
experiment with various color schemes that you find most appropriate to use in the
drawing without actually applying it fully throughout the painting. Youll be able to
plan and compare on the appropriate color scheme and harmonies.

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