Mind-blowing Card Magic Trick by aihaozhe2



The theme for the patter is on human emotions, so commence by explaining to your
audience that the effect they are about to witness depends upon the emotional
reactions of a person who will assist you. Ask a gentleman to come forward and have
him seated to your left.
State that the seat of emotions is the heart, therefore you are going to ask the assistant
to carry out most operations with his left hand as, of course, the heart is nearer the left
side of the body.

First have the pack shuffled by the assistant who then hands it to you so that you may
demonstrate what is required. Explain that the assistant must spread the cards between
his hands from left to right, with the faces of the cards towards him, and hold the
cards in the same manner as he would a bridge hand. One of the cards seen is to be
thought of, the pack broken at that position, and the chosen card and all those above it
held against his heart with the left hand. The remainder of the pack in his right hand is
to be placed on the table.

As you spread the cards for the demonstration, secretly note the bottom card of the
face up pack (the top card when the pack is face down), break the pack anywhere and
momentarily hold the left hand portion against your heart, then place the two portions
of the pack together again in their original positions and hand the squared pack to the
assistant. By this demonstration you have not only provided a logical reason for
handling the pack (which has enabled a key card to be sighted secretly), but you have
also ensured that the assistant understands exactly what is required.
He will now imitate your actions, and after noting a card will break the pack at that
point and hold the left hand portion against his heart. Unknown to anyone, you know
the top card of the packet he is holding and this is your key card. Have him place the
remainder of the cards (in his right hand) face down on the table.

Ask another spectator to step forward and pick up the packet of cards from the table
and shuffle them thoroughly. Tell him to replace the cards on the table, then to be very
careful in cutting off a packet as the first assistant is going to return his cards at the
point where the cut is made. Watch the operation intently, completely ignoring the
first assistant for the moment. Actually the shuffling and cutting has little bearing on
the trick, but by making this appear important you are distracting attention away from
the packet held by the first assistant.

As the second assistant cuts oft a packet of cards, instruct the first assistant to place
his cards on top of those still on the table. Stress that he must be careful pot to let you
catch a glimpse of the selected card, then say quietly, "Cut your cards to make certain".
This is an aside and the majority of the audience will be unaware that anything has
been said. They will be amused to see the first assistant cut his packet and will assume
that he is being especially careful by making it quite impossible for you to ever find
his card again. Actually, by cutting, he has placed his card next to, and above the key
card and the trickery has been completed for you in a natural and unsuspicious
Tell the second assistant to place his cut-off packet of cards on top of those on the
table, making a sandwich of the packet which was held against the first assistant's
heart. Request him to cut the cards and square the pack.

Thank the second assistant and dismiss him, then pick up the pack and ask the first
assistant to hold your left wrist. State that you will endeavour to find the selected card
by his emotional response alone.
Tell him to try to check his emotions so that you are given no clue when his card is
sighted. Spread the cards face up between your hands from left to right and look for
the key card. The selected card will be the one immediately to the left of the key card.
However, do not disclose it at once; play up the situation, saying that no matter how
hard he tries to control his reactions you are still getting a response by the contact of
his hand upon your wrist. Run the cards between your hands slowly three or four
times, step away a few paces and turn the cards so that the faces cannot be seen by the
assistant, then slowly withdraw the selected card and hold it high with its back
towards the audience.
Ask the assistant to name his card then turn it face on to the audience for all to see.

Although the method is so simple, the form of presentation is interesting and
entertaining. The ingenious way in which the key card is employed is so disarming
that even the most observant and knowledgeable spectators are thrown completely off
the scent.

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