Ariston Built-in Automatic Coffee Center_ Non-Plumbed - No Water Line Access

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These automatic coffee centers are an indulgence that you can enjoy every single day! Transform your
kitchen into a true Italian style café with a built-in espresso coffee center that also brews delicious
cappuccinos, lattes, tea and hot water. Customized brewing by the cup makes it easy to offer your
family and your guests the beverage that they want, exactly how they like it. Simply preset the coffee
strength to your preference then increase or decrease it with the turn of a dial. Need to make hot tea
while you're brewing a perfect espresso? No problem! This coffee center can multi-task. With two
heating element systems, you can prepare two drinks at once. First-class entertaining has never been
easier! The stunning ergonomic design features multiple height adjustment options and a fully
automatic grinding system. With over 20 programmed functions at your fingertips, it's truly a luxury unit
that you'll love to use! Features: Built-in home unit, made in Italy. Brews coffee, espresso, cappuccino,
latte, tea or hot water. Highly ergonomic design that is 100% front accessible. Control buttons and drip
tray made of stainless steel. LED display with 7 language selections. Over 20 programmed functions
available. 2 Dispensers and 2 heating units for preparing multiple beverages simultaneously. 3 Height
options for adjustable coffee dispenser. Available with or without direct plumbing for water line access.
Pre-brewing and pre-grinding options. Fully automatic grinding system with controls. Water reservoir
with built-in water softener. Frothing system with steam temperature controls. Flavor, temperature and
strength controls. Automatic rinsing option. Stand-by timer. Specs: Overall Product Dimensions:
23.43"W x 18.11"H x 11.89"D. For detailed specifications, click here. Ships by freight truck, express
shipping unavailable. One year warranty on parts and labor.

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