Metal Art Galleries by aihaozhe2


									How many types of art galleries are there? As many as there are different types of art!
And one type of art that is often found in galleries specific to it is metal art. But
besides displaying just metal art, many galleries fine tune their focus into various sub
categories, either by type, region, or period. A metal art gallery may focus on
traditional metal art forms, abstract impressionistic work, small intricate pieces with
detailed inlay, filigree work or large sculptures among others. Regions could mean art
ranging form Australian aboriginal art to Indian metal work, Chinese inlays, far
eastern bronze sculptures and so on. Periods define the time during which the art was
created and this can range from the almost prehistoric works of metal art found at
archeological digs through various periods in history which developed their own
unique style of metal art.

The curator or manager of a metal art gallery is usually a person who in
knowledgeable about the art form and will be able to guide the visitor through the
intricacies and finer points of the works on display. The major types of metal art
galleries are:

Commercial Metal Art Galleries These are the most common and are run as
businesses. This does not detract from the artistic integrity of the works on display, it
just means that they have to be self supporting and profitable to keep operating. These
galleries sell the metal art on display and take a commission on the sales. In return for
this commission they offer the artist a place to display his work, the knowledge that
regular customers of the gallery will visit the exhibition and also marketing and
promotional support.

Non Profit Metal Art Galleries These are not run as businesses and their aim is to
promote metal art. They take a commission on sales but it is low and only covers their
operating costs and overheads with no profit element. Since they do not have the
financial resources of the commercial galleries, the amount of marketing and
promotional support available to the artist is limited.

Cooperative Metal Art Galleries These are run by groups of metal artists whose
members may use the space by paying just the actual operating costs for the period of
the exhibition. Non members may also display their metal art at these galleries, but
they are charged a little extra. Cooperative galleries are often good places to locate the
work of new and up coming metal artists.

Rental Metal Art Galleries These are just empty spaces the artist can rent to display
his work. They do not enjoy a reputation of displaying metal art of a high quality
since anyone who has welded two pieces of metal together can rent the space and
show off his art.

Private Metal Art Galleries As the name suggests, these are private institutions where
visitors come only by invitation and are often used by high end well established and
reputed metal artists who do not need the interest of the general public to sell their

Museums Museums only display and do not sell the work of artist on display.

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