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					Circle of Courage Lesson Plan-Belonging

1. Descriptive Data:
Teacher: Nikki Smith and Lori Heberling
Date: Wednesday February 27, 2008
Time: 30 minutes-1 hour
Class: Kindergarten
book Leo the Lightning Bug by Eric Drachman
coloring page with the sentence “I felt like Leo the lightning bug when...”
crayons or markers
cd player
flashlights (at least 2)

2. Goals and Objectives
Student Objectives:
a. Students will make a connection between the circle of courage and the story
Leo the Lightning Bug.
b. Students will use proper conventions to finish the sentence “I felt like Leo
the lightning bug when...”
a. Students will make text-to-self connection with “I felt like Leo the lightning
bug when...” writing prompt.
a. Students will encourage one another as they play “flicker relay.”

a. Students will gain a greater understanding of the circle of courage,
especially the quadrants of belonging and mastery.
b. Students will work together to play “flicker relay.”

3. Procedure
Day 1
Opening Activity/Discrepant Event:
Teacher enters the class in some kind of lightning bug outfit (antennae,
sunglasses for bug eyes, etc.)
Then introduce the book Leo the Lightning Bug and ask questions:
What do they guess the story will be about from the cover?
What part of the circle of courage will be book be about? Why?
Read the book with audio cd
Stop and ask questions throughout:
Why would Leo need a night-light when he is a bug that flies in the nighttime?
How does a lightning bug learn to light his light?
How would you feel as Leo if you were not able to light your light?
Think of a time when you felt like Leo and hold onto it in your mind for later
How are Leo’s friends acting outside of the circle of courage?
What was the actual light and sound that Leo experienced?
Now what part of the circle of courage was Leo experiencing?

Day 2
picture walk to refresh the story.

Writing Activity:
Model writing prompt and give directions-no one should have the same.
Then give them time to work on writing prompt and color.

Share student work and discuss how we have all felt like Leo.
Brainstorm ways students can live within the circle through belonging.
Play “flicker relay” to close.

4. Assessment:
Diagnostic: Based on the students’ responses to questions before the book, I
will be able to judge their prior knowledge of the circle of courage.
Formative: From the students’ writing response and picture I will be able to
judge their understanding of the story and belonging.
Summative: From our final discussion and brainstorming I will be able to assess
the students’ understanding of belonging.

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