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					     Ball Lightning – Source of Free Quantum

                   By Dr Kiril Chukanov, U.S.A./Canada

The phenomenon of ball lightning still remains one of the greatest and unsolved
mysteries in the physics. This unusual phenomenon doesn’t attract serious
attention of contemporary physicists because nobody expects to realize benefit
for mankind from understanding and practical use of ball lightning. On another
hand, to reproduce a natural phenomenon under controlled conditions requires a
clear understanding of what, exactly, the natural phenomenon is. During long
period of time (about 23 years) Dr Kiril Chukanov created numerous
experimental set-ups for investigating physical and energy features of ball
lightning. In parallel with his experimental work, Kiril Chukanov developed and
improved the theoretical model of ball lightning.
According to Dr Kiril Chukanov, ball lightning represents giant macro-atom.
The quantum macro-nucleus of ball lightning is a positively charged two-
dimensional unit. An electron shelf (cloud) surrounds this giant nucleus.
In his experiments Dr Kiril Chukanov demonstrated the unusual quantum
behavior of ball lightning: quantum trespassing through wall (ceramic, paper,
others), incredible elasticity under deep vacuum, quantum nature of ball
lightning’s surface, etc.
The most intriguing/practical feature of ball lightning is its ability to produce
free quantum energy under some quantum conditions. Quantum Free Energy
(QFE) from artificially created ball lightning is new, unlimited, safe, and very
cheap source of energy. Since 2006 Dr Kiril Chukanov works on the creation of
industrial powerful QFE generators for business. Now, February 2008, the first
commercial QFE generator (from ball lightning) is ready. The over-unity of this
generator is very high (tens of times). The spectrum of practical applications of
QFE (from ball lightning) includes: unlimited source of free energy (no fuel or
any other primary energy source), source of very energetic photons (UV, X-rays,
and gamma-photons), nano-technologies, very powerful lasers, military

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