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									A marble is a small spherical toy usually made from glass, clay, or agate. These balls
vary in size. Most commonly, they are about inch (1.25 cm) in diameter, but they may
range from less than inch (0.635 cm) to over 3 inches (7.75 cm), while some art glass
marbles for display purposes are over 12 inches (30 cm) wide. Marbles can be used
for a variety of children's games, and are often collected, both for nostalgia and for
their aesthetic colors.
The craftsmen and artisans make use of various methods to shape the unique craft
items. These mixed with delicate designs and aesthetic spirit that most fascinating
artifacts. The techniques are generally used ribbons, Bronze Casting, Sculpture,
Chikan, embroidery, enamel, EPNS, Filigree, Hand printing, inlay, Paint, Phulkari,
Pulido, weaving and Tie & Die.

Top with well-defined patterns and complete each item handmade speak clearly about
the aesthetic fantabulous skills is the masterpiece of perfection is priceless.

the manufacturers are engaged in carving endless items such as antiques, blue pottery,
carved furniture, metal, marble, wood handicrafts , miniature paintings, sculptures,
paintings enduring Pichwais, toys, traditional games, handmade accessories office,
home furniture, home decorations, paper Mache, apparels, accessories and many more
handmade items of interest and need.
Humanity has been obsessed with carving marble for over five thousand years. Some
of the most beautiful sculptures in recorded history are fashioned from this
metamorphic wonder. Marble also has practical applications. For instance, it is
crushed up and used in the production of paper. But, industrial uses of marble pale in
comparison to its great ornamental value.
Marble chess sets have graced the table of nobility since the Middle Ages. Its long
association with the affluent appreciation of chess has made marble the material of
choice for those avid chess enthusiasts who long for the feel of royal privilege while
they decimate their opponent.
Some aficionados of marble chess sets prefer them to chess sets constructed from
other materials due to marble's inherent mineral properties. Marble is comprised
mostly of the crystalline version of calcium carbonate.
Marble has other characteristics besides stunning visual beauty that manufacturers of
quality marble chess sets favor. Marble, in general, doesn't tend to shatter a good thing
to know if you're wielding a hammer and chisel. The resilient nature of marble allows
the carving artisan to pursue a multitude of creative directions. Although typically
classical in nature, marble chess sets can, and have been, designed in the most
inventive styles that would wow even the most jaded collector.

Jaipur is acknowledged as Indias hub when it approaches to work products gratitude
goes to its class as substantially as peculiarity. The citys fault markets nearby an
miscellanea of motivating crafts that will definitely get the heart of any art enthusiast.
Starting from marble impact along with metal impact to instrumentation nonnegative
wood work, Jaipur has incorporated them all. You crapper conceive abundance of
work products such as canvas, ceramic, antiques, monuments, conventional games,
house equipments, imprinted furniture, garnishes, clothes nonnegative a aggregation
The specialist jewel artists of Jaipur swing the jewelry into unbelievable figures and
one of them is marble elephant
Wherever kept, this show piece is sure to get itself noticed and attract the onlookers
with its distinct charm and smooth finishing of gold leaf work. Handmade elephants
figures made by pure white marble with exclusive meenakari and gold painting work.
This marble elephants best for interior decoration
A marble lamp is made using high grade marble it can be a very impressive gift or a
decorative accessory for the home.
Marble plates
Exquisite marble plates with beautiful hand painted and stone studded work. Available
in various colors and scenes. The stone work is done with semi-precious stones and
each piece is artistically crafted. Ideal as a gift or for personal collection. Can make a
beautiful wall hanging or adorn any place of your choice.
One cannot help but admire the intricacy of marble inlay work on various
architectural marvels constructed by Mughals like Taj Mahal or buildings within Red
Fort of Agra.
Mosaic inlay work was however prevalent in India even before the arrival of the
Mughals. Colored or partly colored patterns on ceilings, walls and floors could often
be seen in temples. Cups and vases with inlay work of different colors were also made.
Walls were covered with large pieces of red, yellow and black stone, to make a
pattern-usually geometrical.
For the craftsmen in this trade the actual tools used remain much the same as those
used in the Mughal period. A design, be it a floral or geometrical motif is cut out on a
brass sheet. This is then placed on marble, drawn and then the marble is carved out.
Slices of precious and semi-precious stones, which have in the meantime been shaped
and polished, are then laid into the marble with adhesive. (The adhesive is a mixture
of oil, lead oxide and wax made into white putty). After it has dried, the surface and
edges are polished to give a shiny finish.
For slicing pieces of stone to be inlaid, a bow saw strung with copper wire of upto
five strands was used during the Mughal time. Separation between strands set the
thickness of the shives of stone and this very same method is used even today. Sharp
eyes and dexterous hands are a must for this work.

Marble jwellery
enticing ethnicmarble jewellery
  ornaments paintings that are know for quality and beauty, all marble paintings make
a great gift and can even be used as decorative pieces and wall dcor. Paintings are
nowhere more vibrant and expressing than that of Rajasthan. Marble jewellery
paintings are symbol of real Jewelry and ornaments beauty from India. All these
traditions of decorating dwellings and articles are still alive.
Rajasthan is known for its miniature paintings, reflecting an incredible portfolio of
scenes from myth and legend to history to nature. The variation in art of painting
ranges from wall paintings on places to huts, miniature paintings, ornaments paintings,
jewelery paintings.
Absolutely astounding and unique in concept, color and workmanship, the marble art
and handicrafts are beyond comparison. Each handicraft has a penetrating and
irresistible appeal. An ethnic aura envelopes even the simplest of forms, making each
one truly a collectors delight. The enigma of natural elements is blended into one and
presented inform of beautifully handcrafted accessories from the most skilled artisans
of India.

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