Sanyo BC1206 Kegerator Beer Cooler

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Here's your chance to live out every man's dream; to own a self-contained beer cooler with built in keg
tapper, CO2 system, and draft arm! Live the dream with Sanyo's BC1206 Beer Cooler. It is
CO2-ready, and of course BEER READY!This is the Sanyo BC-1206 full-size keg beer dispenser. This
high quality kegerator comes with all the draft beer equipment necessary to pour fresh draft beer
straight from the keg and an internal capacity of 6.5 cubic feet to store a full-size keg and up to a 15 lb.
CO2 tank inside its cabinet. The Sanyo Kegerator is designed for home use so it designed with quiet
and energy efficiency in mind. 2 1/2" casters make this unit very easy to move from your bar to your
patio. This unit also comes with an attractive metal safety rail to help keep mugs and glasses from
sliding off. This unit comes with everything you need except the keg.
Ideal for home brewers or just regular ol' beer drinkers, this cooler keeps cold brews on tap and ready
to pour. With a capacity of 6.5 cubic feet, the cooler holds up to a half-barrel keg and comes with a
complete CO2 tap system to get things flowing. The tap system includes a Sankey keg tapper, a type
that fits all North American beer kegs; a pressure gauge; a pressure regulator; and an arm, for pulling
drafts, that rises out of the cooler's top. A cleaning kit and beer FAQ guide are thrown in for good
measure. The cooler's sleek black exterior and compact size (37 inches tall, 23-5/8 inches wide, and
25 inches deep) make it inconspicuous in the corner of a rec room, workroom, or kitchen. However,
four casters on this kegerator's bottom let hosts move the unit to where the party is. --Cristina
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