Cuisinart DLC-342 Stainless Steel Thin Slicing Disc 2-mm by zybestsale


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Use the thin slicing disk for raw vegetables like potatoes, carrots and root vegetables. Makes perfect
uniform slices so you can turn out luscious gratins and layer casseroles, beautiful salads and garnishes
and wonderful looking desserts. Works with DLC-XP models.About Cuisinart... In 1973, Carl
Sontheimer introduced the world to its first Cuisinart food processor. His design, a creative adaptation
based on an elaborate industrial blender, was soon widely produced in France and became
indispensable in homes across the world. Since then, Sontheimer's original appliance has evolved, and
additional Cuisinart products have been added, contributing to the original collection of time-saving
tools used by professional chefs and home cooks alike. Even after 25 years, Cuisinart is still one of the
most recognizable brands in quality kitchenware.

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