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					How to Create Your Own Pure Essential Oil Blend - Part One

When we consider the additional benefits of using pure essential oils to create our
own scented blend for skincare, emotional and physical well being, it becomes a
unique and hard to resist opportunity.

In using gentle essential oils, even when your primary goal is to create a beautiful
scent, you are bound to reap the healing and stress reducing benefits of the essential
oil blend as well.

Scent can be an extremely powerful mood enhancer, often used to calm and relax or
to uplift and invigorate, there are even some that do both.

As stress is one of the major contributors to disease in our society today, the art of
creating scent through essential oil blends in our environment... aromatherapy... is a
gentle and enjoyable wellness tool.

If you are looking at skin care benefits only, you should decide what exactly you want
and research the best oils to use, then choose from them, being careful to follow
dilution rates and safety guidelines. As a matter of fact, creating a blend according to
it's beneficial properties is a whole other topic!

If you are going for scent, both of these still apply, but you are free to follow your

Blending is something that doesn't necessarily take experience to begin, but must be
experienced to accomplish, if that makes any scents :0)

You can learn methods and get ideas from a book, but you must do it to do it.

Do It Your Self is always more rewarding, and it is fun and freeing to use our own
creativity when developing unique scents for our personal care needs.

Using pure essential oils to make your own scented blends doesn't just make good
scents, it makes good sense too!


Many pure essential oils are beautiful as they are. Take a sniff. Let the essence filter
through the air and into your nostrils. It lingers and becomes you. Try it!

TIP: Never sniff a pure essential oil straight from the bottle, hold it away from you or
put a drop onto a piece of paper or a q-tip, or put it in a bit of carrier oil).
Essential Oils are potent in their pure form - it's the lingering essence that you are

Sniffing essential oils straight from the bottle can damage your sense of smell and/or
give you a headache. But it won't give you a true sense of the particular essential oils
scent, many are much different and sometimes more pleasant when diluted.

Become familiar with your oils. It will be easier to know just the right one to use
when you are looking for something to complete your new essential oil blend and will
give you a good variety to choose from when you are in the planning stages of
creating your blend.

It is said that scent will help you to retain memory as that particular scent will be
"linked" to the memory, so upon smelling it, you will remember what you where
thinking at that time. We've all experienced this in one form or another as a familiar
scent takes us back to a certain place and time.

I believe that we also retain the memory of each essential oil's nuance so that when
we are playing with ideas, a blend of sorts will come together almost automatically if
you have decided what end result you are looking for.

Much like when we remember things like phone numbers and passwords directly
through our fingers, on autopilot... but if we are asked to remember what they are, we
can't (been there, done that with my van security passcode, bad scene jellybean!)

So it is important to get to know your scents by enjoying them individually first. Then
you will have a much better idea how to create your own essential oil blend from the
oils that have become familiar.

If you are on a budget, or would like to start by focusing on one area of scent,
research oils in that category and purchase a small sampling of these oils to play with.

You will need to decide what you'd like to start with.

If for example you would like to make a light floral using oils such as rose, lavender
or chamomile, or a heady intoxicating blend with oils such as jasmine, sandalwood or
oak moss, or an invigorating citrus blend using oils such as grapefruit, orange, lemon
or lime.

That's just for starters, the possibilities are endless. That's the fun of making scents!

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