Making Balloon Animals - Tips On How To Make Balloon Animals

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					When a balloon twister is hired to entertain kids at a party, they're going to need to
know their balloon animals. Most all kids will want the balloon twister to make them
a bunny rabbit or a wiener dog. That's the ones that the kids know the best and want to
see over and over again. So when you decide to become a balloon twister, making
balloon animals is something that you will need to know most of all.

The most common balloon animal that kids are going to want to see is a wiener dog or
a dog of some sort. Most like the wiener dog because they think it's funny to have the
long body and tiny legs. When you go to make a wiener dog you will need to start off
with a 260 balloon that is the color of your choice. A 260 balloon is a type of balloon
that is 2 in diameter and 60 in length when completely blown up. So if you take the 2
+ the 60 and push them together you will get the 260. This let's you know how the
balloons are numbered.

So now that you have the 260 balloon in the color of your choice, you will need to
inflate it, leaving about a 4 tail. It is necessary to leave that tail so that when you start
to twist you have room for the air to move about. Otherwise the balloon could pop
when you just about have your wiener dog ready. That is something that when making
balloon animals, no kid wants to see.

With your balloon now completely inflated and its 4 tail hanging, grab hold of the tied
off end and go back about 4 and pinch off the balloon. Now twist the balloon around
at that point about two or three times. This will create the snout of your puppy. Be
sure to not let go of your balloon as the balloon will become all untwisted and you'll
have to start over again. Keeping your hand on the snout, move your other hand up
the balloon another two inches and then pinch and twist like you had done before so
that you have created another bubble and still don't let go. Make another bubble the
same size as the one you just made as this will form the ears. Remember, you still
can't let go of the balloon until you have locked the ears in place. To do that you will
fold the balloon right between the two ear bubbles that you have created. They will
need to be lying next to each and twist the first and third twist around one another
approximately two or three times. By doing this you are locking the ears so that they
won't go flying apart once your hand leaves them.

Now that you have created the head and ears, you will repeat the same process you
just completed throughout the rest of the dog. You will go down a little bit and create
the neck bubble, the front leg and front leg number two. You will twist them just as
you did the head, ears and snout. To lock the front legs you will need to twist the neck
bubble and front leg one and two. Once you have completed that, leave a few inches
to make the body. Then start the same process you used with the ears and snout so that
you can create the back legs both one and two. You will lock the legs together as you
have the other two portions of the body. This should leave you with a tail for your
little puppy. It's hard to proportion the puppy the first few times that you create the
puppy but with practice comes perfect. The more that you practice making balloon
animals the better you will get.

Making balloon animals is something that many people love to see. And so anyone
that likes to entertain while making forms of art, making balloon animals might just
be for you.