Make Your Own Bumper Stickers - Affordable Way To Speak Your Mind by aihaozhe2


									The top reason to make your own bumper stickers is to speak your mind to a large
number of people without spending a lot of money. Think of how many different
people ride up to your bumper day after day. How great would it be to speak to your
mind openly to each and every one of them without even cracking a window?

When you make your own bumper stickers you can say anything you want to literally
anyone that crosses your path, without looking them eye to eye. You never know what
you will spark within someone else when they read something on your bumper. You
may give them a smile right when they need it the most or simply make them think
about more serious issues in a new way.

While you can go online and pick out tons of bumper stickers that you agree with or
that you find funny, the only way to really let the world know your unique individual
thoughts is to make your own bumper stickers and allow others to hear your voice

So, how do you do this short of setting up your own printing press and shelling out
thousands of dollars on materials?

You simply go online and find a custom bumper sticker printing service. Most of the
websites selling your high quality stickers will accept custom orders, but you have to
read their policy before trying to place your order. Making your own bumper stickers
is rather easy, but the ordering process is different from ordering designs already


Since the bumper sticker printing service will have to set up their press and adjust for
the exact words and colors that you want, you will have to order more than a single
sticker for a custom order. Many services will require you to order a hundred or many
more, but there are great services that allow lower quantities, usually around 50 as a
minimum order.

Turnaround Time

Make sure you know about how long it is going to take to make your own bumper
stickers. Services that require long waiting periods or that take your money without
giving you any estimate on time are wasting your time. A good service will turn a
custom order around within a week.

Hidden Fees

Try to find a service that does not pad a custom order with extra fees or charge a
set-up fee for the press. You should be able to reasonable prices without paying a lot
of extra or unexpected expenses.

It should be fast, simple, and lots of fun to make your own bumper stickers!

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