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Luxury Trains In India Enjoy Holidays With Royal Comforts


									The visitors in India now have an opportunity to travel popular tourist destinations in
a royal manner. India has some world class luxury heritage trains which offer
exceptional luxurious facilities. The Indian luxury trains cover the entire Indian
cultural heritage while passing through many interesting historical and quaint cities of
India. These luxury trains in India are equipped with best of comforts and take you
back into history.

There are number of options for the tourists available to choose Indian Luxury Trains
that cherish the journey experience for a long time. Luxury trains in India like Palace
of wheels, Royal Rajasthan on wheels, Fairy Queen, Deccan Odyssey, and the Golden
Chariot provide you a unique experience of royal comforts on board. The comforts
and facilities available in the coaches of these luxuries trains are unbelievable.

Palace on Wheels

The available facilities on the Palace on wheels are reminiscent of the majestic
lifestyle of the Rajputs. Each splendid coach has essence of lavishness and its luxury
furniture give a royal feel to the setting. You can enjoy cuisines of your choice like
Rajasthani, Continental, fully Indian, and Chinese at its Maharaja and Maharani

Royal Rajasthan on Wheels

Royal Rajasthan on wheels takes you on the sandy beauty of India and you feel no
less than royalty on this leisure journey. The luxury train tour itinerary includes
cultural heritage, majestic forts and palaces of Rajasthan, incredible architecture and
picturesque landscapes. It offers cozy comfort, royal ambience and provide a
luxurious travel experience to the passengers.

Fairy Queen

Fairy Queen, a heritage luxury train run from Delhi to Alwar, fills you with a sense of
pride. You can relive the history, culture and heritage of the places comes in its
journey. While you take on the royal journey of Indian luxury train, Fairy Queen gives
you a cherish feel like Raja-Maharaja. The Indian luxury train is perfect for wildlife
lovers as it takes you on an exclusive tour to Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary.

Deccan Odyssey

The luxury train, Deccan Odyssey, travels across the West India and you can enjoy the
royal kingdom of Rajasthan Maharajas on the royal luxury train. It covers beautiful
scenery and heritage destinations, pristine beaches of Goa, sea forts. The 21 coach
luxury train in India offer 5-star facilities with two restaurants, bar, spa car for various
health activities and luxurious saloons.
Golden Chariot

Golden chariot passes through timeless historical heritage sites of Karnataka. You can
enjoy cradle of stone architecture, beaches and golden beaches of Goa. Golden chariot
is truly a masterpiece and compliments the royal fervour of Karnataka. It provides
fully air conditioned coaches with all modern day conveniences.

These luxury trains in India offer similar majestic facilities and services to the
passengers. The hospitality, regal services, appearance and quality of the coaches in
Indian luxury trains gives you the feel of being treated like royal family member.

The journey on Indian luxury trains make every moment into an unforgettable
memory which you can cherish for a lifetime. Every delight moment spend in Luxury
trains in India give everlasting and immemorial experience which can be cherished

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