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					Go all the way with Luxury Granite Worktops.

If you are planning to build or remodel a kitchen that you want your friends and
family to praise, you have to decide what to put in each part of the kitchen to make it
unique and elegant. For your worktop, a luxury granite worktop is the answer. No two
slabs of granite are the same because of the way granite is produced. Granite is the
solid form of liquid magma that comes out of the earth's surface through rocks. The
colour and the hardness of the granite depend on the variation of its minerals like
micas, quartz and feldspar. Pieces of rock stick to the molten lava, giving granite its
unique look and wide variety of colours. Choose granite for your worktops because it
is extremely strong and can withstand pressure and heat. In addition, it is scratch

Where else can you use these luxury granite worktops?

They can be used in all the places where you want to create a sophisticated and
elegant look. So apart from using them as kitchen worktops, you can use them in the
locations listed below.

People come to places that sell kitchen items to look for accessories and buy modern
equipment. They would be duly impressed if your wares included luxury granite
worktops. They render a classic beauty and it is possible that you will get more clients
this way.

If you are a hotel owner, you can upgrade your hotel room with luxury granite
countertops. Not only will it look lovely in your hotel rooms but also, since it can
withstand pressure, you will not have to worry about careless guests destroying your
counters by placing wet things, hot cups and coffee mugs on them. Use granite for
your reception desks, it will create an impression on your guests the moment they
enter the hotel.

You can use counter tops made of granite in your restaurants and bars to complete the
romantic and elegant look. People love to come in to a place that is neat and tidy. It
would put them off to see cracked or chipped countertops. So spend some money and
see the difference.

Offices are all about impressing your clients. So install luxury granite counters where
your clients are most likely to see them and appreciate their beauty. You can install
them in the offices of engineers, architects, interior designers and antique dealers and
restorers to attract more clients. You can have your reception desks made of granite to
awe your clients as well.

Just like in restaurants and bars, a cracked, broken, stained or chipped counter top in a
salon or barbershop will show neglect and carelessness and it is likely that you will
lose the business of some affluent clients. Granite worktops and counter tops are
durable, easy to clean and will not become stained. The fact that they are attractive is
a plus here as your clients may end up looking at them often while having their hair

Some things to remember when choosing granite worktops:

  When compared to other stones, granite is the least absorbent, so grease, lime and
fruit juices, wine, coffee and tea cannot stain it when properly sealed.

 Granite should be sealed once or twice a year with a sealant so it maintains it
polished look.

 When you install granite, use a special silicon impregnating sealant so that you do
not have to reseal it more than twice a year because sealing often makes granite

 Granite is strongest and less susceptible to damage when the edges are rounded.

 The hardness of the granite depends on its colour; the darker the granite, the harder it
will be, so choose accordingly.

Apart from kitchen worktops, you can have granite hard endurance in various other
places in your home such as breakfast bars, windowsills, shelves, flooring, vanity tops,
bathroom counters, cistern covers, fireplace surrounds and garden tables.

Maintaining granite counter tops

Because of the variations in the minerals and their properties, there are different types
of granite. Even though granite is very hard and second only to diamond in its
hardness, it is not safe to use as a cutting board because it will quickly make your
knives dull. However, they are the perfect surface for working with all types of dough.
Clean the joints well in countertops, because that is where bacteria can easily hide.
Use warm water and a mild detergent to wipe off spills immediately if you want to
avoid possible staining.