Lower Back Tattoo Designs For Women by aihaozhe2


									Nowadays lower back tattoo designs are hardly an original choice these since about
one fifth of women who do have a tattoo have one on their lower back. It is difficult
to see young women without a lower back tattoo and has become so common that the
derogatory term "Tramp Stamp" has come about. This term is usually applied to those
young women in low cut jeans and crop top showing off a generic tribal tattoo design.

It's easy to understand why the they are so popular. There are a few places on a
woman's body that can be thought of as sensual. Many any consider the most sensitive
areas to be the the neck and the lower back. The ease with which you can hide your
lower back tattoos has resulted in increased popularity and they have a tantalizing and
sensual appeal to men. Unlike other areas of the body, the lower back is completely
covered up by a shirt. You can show your tattoo off when you want which is ideal for
those who may frowned upon for having a tattoo on display in the workplace.

There is a wide variety of lower back tattoo designs and styles. Some of the more
popular include-

  Flower Designs are a popular first choice for women and especially in the lower
back area.
  Dolphin Tattoos also look good on the lower back and can be especially cute. Other
cute tattoos include butterfly tattoos.
  Tribal Designs are the most common lower back tattoo designs that you see on
women. The most popular tribal designs include Star, Sun and Celtic styles. Many
tribal designs are inspired by styles from Polynesia.
  Dragon Designs are reserved for the more adventurous and always look fantastic.

If you decide on a lower back tattoo design then make sure you follow this advice.
You must wear loose fitting pants to prevent any unnecessary rubbing against your
new tattoo throughout the healing process. Make sure to wear something loose when
you do visit the tattoo artist as it will make it easier to do the job.
It sounds obvious but research the tattoo you want to get and if there is any doubt in
your mind about getting it then find another design that you are totally happy about.
Tattoo removal is expensive and painful. Don't get a lower back tattoo design because
all of your friends have one or just because it is in fashion right now.

When you finally decide on a lower back tattoo design be sure that it is unique
expression of yourself and that you will be delighted with it for the rest of your life.

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