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Life Near Cal Expo


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									Any business traveler who is looking for some time away from the conference center
might want to visit the following local attractions close to hotels near cal expo:

Crest Theatre, 1013 K St; The Crest Theatre, housed in an historic building, is an
independent movie theater around. On any give day, you can watch a movie, attend a
film festival, see a comedian or watch a lecture. It is known for showing the choicest
films in Sacramento and for its cheap matinee prices and student rates.

California State Railroad Museum, 111 I St; The Museum is a complex of historic
facilities and unique attractions. It is regarded as North Americas most popular
railroad museum. Throughout the year, the Railroad Museum features lavishly
restored trains, engaging exhibits, and weekend special events.

Capitol Casino, 411 N 16th St, Capitol Casino is a casino for those who like to play
cards especially Poker. It is also the home of a late night Chinese Restaurant for those
who might get hungry after a long game of Texas Hold-em

Midtown Stomp Swing Dancing, 2719 K Street; Open from 8-midnight; This is a
great way to spend a Friday night!There is a $7 Cover charge for DJ, $12 live band).
You can come alone or with friends. There are beginner lesson included with the
cover charge..

Revolution Wines, 2114 P St; Revolution Wines is a winery located in midtown
Sacramento. It is not a wine bar but they do have a tasting room in their wine cellar

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